Monday, January 19, 2009

The Pattie Chronicles: 1965-1966 Style

During this period, Pattie began experimenting with her style more. She grew out her hair and started to grow out of her mod style. George’s rocker look began to rub off on her and Pattie began wearing daring patterns, shorter skirts, and favored more bold colors for her wardrobe.
The essentials: pea coats in white, green, mauve (but more if you choose!), knee-length black velvet coat with a tie at the waist, shift dresses in geometric patterns, knit berets, white bikinis (worn on her honeymoon) and a deep tan (natural, of course), minidresses that had long sleeves and somewhat a boat neck, plaid button down shirts, striped shirts and sweaters, and sandals as opposed to heels
Hairstyle: Pattie, instead of her blunt bangs, wore softer side-swept bangs most of the time. Her hair was longer overall as well – instead of hanging just below her shoulders, it now hung to her shoulder blades (if you were to look from behind. In front, her hair would be about boob length). She also let her hair hang more naturally – instead of doing a flip at the ends, her hair now hung straight, sometimes with a wave overall