Sunday, February 22, 2009

13 most beautiful women (right now)

Okay, so I am stealing this idea from Andy Warhol's series of films entitled "The 13 most beautiful..." (which is okay because he stole it from the "13 Most Wanted" police releases). Every so often I will post an entry of the 13 actresses/singers/models/socialites/et cetera that are captivating me/causing me to be overcome with bitter jealousy at the moment. Here is the first installment...
  1. Catherine Deneuve - she has been called one of the most beautiful women who has ever lived, with good justification. With the trademark of playing emotionally aloof ice maidens, Catherine Deneuve has carved a place for herself in film history as a goddess-like creature in films such as "Belle de Jour" and Roman Polanski's "Repulsion."
  2. Faye Dunaway - the cheekbones. It was all about the cheekbones for me after I first saw "Bonnie and Clyde." I just wanted to be Faye in this movie. I even cut my ribcage-length blonde hair into a bobbed look inspired by Bonnie. Sadly, this look didn't take on me. Neither did the berets, sweater sets, pencil skirts, or fedoras I tried to rock in order to get her B&C look. My sad attempts taught me a valuable lesson that it is sometimes better to admire a certain look from afar than to try it out on yourself.
  3. Jean Seberg - No other person has made me want to drop out of school, shack up with a fugitive, chop all my hair off, or become a street merchant than Jean Seberg did in "À Bout de Souffle." All of Jean's films have had this effect on me. Her life story has the same magnetic draw. She was a precious gamine - tough and knowing while still naive and vulnerable.
  4. Pattie Boyd - I have made no secret my love for Pattie Boyd. I think I have said all there is to say about rock's all-time muse. Maybe my borderline-creepy "Pattie Chronicles" (basically saying how to be Pattie Boyd) just wasn't enough for ya. In any case, she was a MUST on the list. As pathetic as it may be, just the thought of her and George Harrison when they were married just makes me goosepimply all over. Too perfect.
  5. Twiggy - Yeah, yeah, yeah she was the face of a generation. Long long legs, huge dollface eyes, pale blonde hair. Okay Twiggy, we get it, you are freaking gorgeous. Damn it.
  6. Sharon Tate - One part femme fatale, one part free spirit, Sharon Tate was a part-time actress and full-time flower child. The wifey of my love Roman Polanski, Sharon is almost painfully gorgeous at times. Beneath her flighty blonde persona that she displayed in "Valley of the Dolls" and "Don't Make Waves," there was a sadness and knowingness in her eyes that was lovely to watch onscreen. Even without the knowledge of her gruesome and unfortunate end, you want to give Sharon a hug whenever she is onscreen.
  7. Marilyn Monroe - Marilyn was the first star that really captured my attention. I guess you could say that after one viewing of her in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," I was hooked on classic films. I used to imitate her swivelly walk, her girlish laugh, and routinely begged my mother to allow me to lighten my hair. It is unfortunate that today she is known more for her romantic and barbitual exploits than her strong acting career. I find her devastatingly gorgeous. Her "Last Sitting" with Bert Stern is one of the most gorgeous and almost tragic photoshoots I have ever viewed.
  8. Peggy Lipton - She slept with Elvis. She slept with Paul McCartney. She married Quincy Jones. I admit that I don't know much about Peggy Lipton, but I know enough to think she's incredibly accomplished. Among her many accomplishments: several Golden Globes for her role in the Mod Squad, a role in Twin Peaks (mmm...Kyle MacLachlan) and appearances in Jane Fonda workout videos.
  9. Marianne Faithfull - Please direct yourself to my entry on Ms. Faithfull. Along with once being called "the best body in rock'n'roll" she also has one of the best life stories.
  10. Grace Kelly - Grace Kelly lived a truly fairytale life. The daughter of a wealthy Philadephian, Grace had a successful career as the archetypal Hitchcock heroine and Academy Award-winning actress before marrying Prince Rainier of Monaco. However charmed her life seemed, recent biographies have revealed bouts of depression, dissatisfaction, insecurity, and anxiousness that plagued the Princess through her short life. But with her grace and regard, she never let the world (who was constantly watching) know her deeper problems.
  11. Mia Farrow - Vidal Sassoon's most famous customer, Mia Farrow has lived a quirky life to say the least. From her romances with Frank Sinatra and Woody Allen, this former pixie posterchild has proved she is still the naive child or sorts she was forty years ago.
  12. Brigitte Bardot - Yes, God did create woman. Brigitte Bardot is exhibit A. You could be the straightest of straight a girl and still be attracted to her. It's possible, I should know.
  13. Edie Sedgwick - As Lou Reed wrote, Edie was a femme fatale. She may very well be Warhol's most famous superstar, starring in many of his underground films for a period of time in the mid-sixties. Her films at the Factory showed her mostly just playing herself, but, as Ciao Manhattan showed, Edie did have genuine acting talent.


Katarina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sleeping with Paul McCartney? That IS an accomplishment!
Your blog is great btw

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Edie, Sharon, Marilyn,and Grace are not beautiful now, they're DEAD!!!

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