Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Pattie Chronicles: 1968 Style

For the early part of 1968, Pattie rocked the “Ashram chic” look. “We just wore very simple outfits,” Pattie said in 2006 about the clothing in India. “The kurta, which is a long skirt, with long pajama trousers. We hardly went out of the ashram because we were too busy meditating, so tailors would be brought in and the same kurta-and-pajama look would be made again and again. I used to send frantic postcards from India to the Beatles’ management, asking them to buy me a pair of shoes or a dress that I’d seen in a magazine because none of these things were within my grasp. I’d suddenly imagine something I wanted, such as a pair of clear plastic high-heeled shoes, or I’d send Ossie Clark a card asking him to make me a silk bikini — ridiculous things like that. Our dress was so simplified, I thought it would be nice to wear a bikini or high heels for a change.”