Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Pattie Chronicles: 1969-1970 Style

Here is what may be the last entry of "the Pattie Chronicles," so I am ending it in style (no pun intended. well, perhaps, maybe that I see it). Here is the last major period of Pattie's style during the sixties, a time I call 'the Sophisticate.'
As Pattie grew older, her style became more mature and she stepped away from the loud ethnic prints of years past. Her wardrobe’s color palette consisted mostly of white, black, grey, cream, navy, and dark red. Instead of Eastern influences, Pattie looked toward the 1920s for inspiration for her style. This is evident in her flapper-esque pincurl & fingerwave hairstyles, dark red lips, thin eyebrows, and liking of beaded details on clothing. Her wardrobe also had romantic Victorian touches, which can be seen in her favorite piece of jewelry during this period – an antique cameo brooch she strung on a black velvet ribbon to make a choker necklace.
The essentials: shearling coat, black felt floppy hat, satin ruched shirt, maxidresses, white pants, black blazers and sweaters, white blazer with piped outlined in navy, high-necked Edwardian-inspired dresses (long sleeves, reached the ankles), long cashmere scarves, strands of pearls or black beads (sometimes a black rosary worn as necklace), white 1920s silk gowns with white feather boas, deep V-neck blouses
Hairstyle: Pattie had grown out her bangs completely at this point, favoring a parted down the middle look. It was during this time she could change her hairdos more because her simple style allowed for experimentation. She would part her hair on the side, down the middle, or not at all by wrapping her mane into a large bun on the top of her head. Pattie also let her hair fall wavy naturally, or curl her hair tightly.