Friday, February 6, 2009

you don't look different but you have changed

Because I am pathetic and occasionally stalk to look at girls far more beautiful than I, I came across this beautiful editorial from Numero Korea. The website describes the shoot's style as "soft and ethereal. With heavy bangs, retro styling and vintage style photography, [Suvi] Koponen calls to mind classic 60s era chanteuses like France Gall and Marianne Faithfull." I think their description is rather correct, the model's thick fringe and envious clothing is remniscent of Marianne, while the peroxide swept hair and kohl eyes is very trademark of France Gall's look. Even though Suvi Koponen is lightyears prettier than me, I enjoy looking at this shoot because it shows a (somewhat) realistic way to have the sixties in mind while still being modern.

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