Sunday, April 5, 2009

something in her style that shows me

Like most of the female inhabitants of the western world, I adore Kate Moss's style. Her eclectic style has been oft-imitated, but to much less-success. Part of Kate's appeal is that she never seems to think about what she's wearing, she just throws on whatever. For us less fortunate who study methodically her choice of cords over denim, disect her jewelry and shoes, and mentally note her color combinations, Kate seems like the ideal fashion icon -- someone who is naturally fashionable, "The Chosen One" for the Vogue-set. Within the last few weeks, news broke where Marianne Faithfull accused her former pal Miss Moss of stealing her rocker girl style, claiming Moss consciously became friends with her in order to get to know her better and steal her look. Shock spread throughout the young fashionista world -- could our beloved Miss Moss actually be as methodical about her style, breaking down her fashion forerunners into distinct elements of style, as the rest of us are? In light of 'vampire gate,' I put together some of the other influences Kate Moss could be looking toward:

Veronica Lake
On several occasions, Kate seems to channel 1940s siren Veronica Lake for her evening look. Apart from the classic champagne-colored slinky gowns, deep red lips and nails, Kate completes her look with Veronica's signature peek-a-boo bang hairstyle.
Michelle Phillips
When I saw this yellow and black striped suit from Kate's first Topshop collection in the store in London, my first thought went back to a photoshoot I saw of the Mamas and the Papas singer. Though you can't really see it in the photo of Kate, the suit is really distinctly yellow and black stripes (more like Michelle's) in person. I should know, I bought it when I was at Topshop that day (I also bought the hot pants version of it, too!)
Marianne Faithfull
Marianne is the whistle-blower of Kate's whole operation, and I suppose you can see where Marianne would think Kate was copying her a bit. I know a lot of people thought after news broke 'well a lot of people dressed like Marianne so it wasn't only her style.' I suppose that is correct, but Kate was friends with Marianne and apparently went through a pretty noticeable transformation for Faithfull to take note. I doubt she would make things up for nothing. Toward the end of their friendship, Kate did color her blonde hair to more of the honey shade Marianne had in the sixties, along with cutting blunt fringe that Marianne also had. Even if you don't agree that the look Kate was emulating was solely Marianne's, you have to admit that she was definitely an influence.

Kate Moss
Yes, she even copies herself! Just look at the neckline of one of her dresses for an earlier collection for Topshop, and compare it to a dress she wore out in the mid-90s with her then-boyfriend Johnny Depp. Oh that Moss, very clever...very clever indeed...

Julie Christie
At a premiere in Cannes, Kate showed up in an exact copy of the dress Julie Christie's character wore in "Shampoo." Now if Kate had only gotten herself that Brian Jones-looking pob, it would have been eerily familiar...

Brigitte Bardot
The only person on this list that Kate has admitted to looking towards, Brigitte Bardot has been a strong influence of womens fashion for over the past half-decade. Kate was inspired enough by Miss Bardot that she even wore an uncharacteristically-tailored wiggle dress on the cover of Vogue, a look that was very remniscent of Bardot's look in Une Parisienne.

Anita Pallenberg
Marianne Faithfull's partner-in-crime, Anita Pallenberg, seems to inspire both the lifestyle and gypsy-ish tendencies of Kate's style. Modelling career, check; rockstar boyfriend, check; dalliances with drugs, check; very mini mini minidresses, quadruple check.

Britney SpearsThe most glaringly obvious one on the list, I'd say. Its ridiculous how apparent Kate Moss is trying to steal Brit Brit's look, going so far as to rock the same peroxide pageboy hairstyle that Spears had after she pulled a Sinead O'Connor. Okay, I'm immature.

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