Wednesday, April 1, 2009

whatever colors you have in your mind, i'll show them to you and you'll see them shine

Sharon Tate was undeniably one of the most gorgeous personalities from the sixties. Her persona at the height of her success was that of the glam-yet-earthy movie star wife of Roman Polanski, her costar from "The Fearless Vampire Killers" and soon-to-be father of her child. Sharon was making a name for herself as a talented comedic and dramatic actress at the end of her life, making positive notices in "Don't Make Waves" (where she played surfer girl Malibu, the inspiration for Malibu Barbie), "The Wrecking Crew," and her Golden Globe nominated performance in "Valley of the Dolls." Even in films that were otherwise poorly reviewed, Sharon's presence could garner praise. Many critics compared her sometimes "blonde ice princess" performances with her admired contemporaries Faye Dunaway and Catherine Deneuve. She was so absorbing to watch onscreen, and generates such warmth and goodness -- this I find is an indicator of the actor's goodness in themself, not from the part they are playing.

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