Friday, May 29, 2009

i thought i heard your voice today, but it was someone else

There are some mainstays in cinematic entertainment -- Joan Crawford will be intimidating and scary even when she's supposed to be a sympathetic character (even Mildred Pierce intimidated the bejeezus out of me); a virgin cannot die in a horror movie; and Sean Connery, no matter nationality he is portraying, will never so much as attempt to do an appropriate accent. Apparently in Sean's eyes, Irishmen, Englishmen, and American-men (Amerimen??) all sound the same. Namely, we all sound Scottish. Now I could forgive his lack of an accent in Marnie (as an American businessman), The Hill (as an Irish soldier), and in the Bond films (as a British intelligence agent), but as I was watching him in The Wind and the Lion tonight on TCM, I couldn't help but chuckle.
Now you have to understand that I am not saying this because I have something against Sean. In fact, I love Sean. He is my favorite Bond of all, but in The Wind and the Lion he was playing Mulai Ahmed er Raisuni , a man who was from Morocco. Now I have never been to Morocco, but I think its a pretty safe estimate to say that the Moroccan people, or the Berber people as they call Sean's little brigand in the film, are not walking around speaking in thick Scottish accents. I don't know, just a thought.

Oh, this is completely random but still about the film -- Candice Bergen was in it, and even though I already knew this, man she was really gorgeous

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