Monday, May 11, 2009

rock-a-billy, it ain't so silly

The Rockabilly look stems from the rise of country-rock during the 1950s. Artists such as Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Carl Perkins were early contributors to this sound, but whats more fun for me is the style that evolved from the rockabilly scene. Its still based in the 1950s, with tight cardigan sweaters, crinoline halter dresses, and horn-rimmed sunglasses, but rockabilly girls dress like the 'bad girls' of the 50s -- the Bettie Pages of the era -- as opposed to the 'good girls'. Its a sexier take on the pinup 50s look -- clothing is tighter, hair is teased higher, makeup is louder, and tattoos are common. To sex up the 50s look, add tight pencil skirts, black spandex, fishnets, denim high-waisted short shorts, and cardigans in wild leopard prints. Some of the fun rockabilly-inspired looks can be found at Betsey Johnson.

Movies like Grease and Cry-Baby, and artists like Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Amy Winehouse, and Imelda May have all channeled this look.
Some fun hairstyle inspiration: