Saturday, May 2, 2009

Top Five Prom Flicks

Its prom weekend in my neck of the woods, and you know what that means -- dresses! boys! parties! hotels! drama!! I really don't want or anticipating any of the typical John Hughes normalities to occur at my prom, simply because I've come to grips with the fact that my life is not a teen comedy. Tragic, I know. But in light of the fact my prom will probably be an utter and complete bore, I have done a list of my top 5 favorite prom movies (just in case, you know, I skipped out early and need something to fill my prom-less time)

1. "Pretty in Pink"

Okay, so even though I've acccepted my life is not a John Hughes movie and I will never be as cool as Molly Ringwald, I will actively remember my prom like it was in "Pretty in Pink." Tons of drunk idiots, intense dancing, and even more intense dresses. Ignore dumbo Andy in the photo because she dumped the coolest guy in school (and best dresser) at prom to go hook up with tortured rich guy Blane. Like seriously, how could you dump this guy? I mean, he's wearing a lariat for goodness sakes!

2. "Ten Things I Hate About You"

If only every girl could go to prom with Heath Ledger, who hired your absolute favorite band to perform, and could see your sister beat up the jerk who took your virginity. That would be awesome, right? This is one of my favorite teen movies in general, and the fact it has one of the best proms I've ever seen (on film) is icing on the cake.

3. "Prom Night"

This was like one of the craziest movies I have ever seen (involving prom, that is). It makes the pig blood scene in "Carrie" look weak in comparison. Its a slasher flick/ promedy (prom flick -- I coined it) where this stalker ex-teacher shows up at prom and starts killing all these kids (including the prom queen! c'mon now, killer, show royalty some respect!) until he can finally get to the girl he was stalking all along. It was sort of campy, in a way that I wasn't sure if they were intending for it to be campy, but it was fun irregardless. Well, they always say prom is an evening to remember...

4. "She's All That"

This prom was just such an inspiration to me. Apparently in their world, outcast girls will become bets and set up to go to prom with the most popular guy in school. Oh yeah, and Usher would be the deejay and every student would be a professionally trained dancer.

5. "Never Been Kissed"
So jealous am I of 'Josie Grossie', who got to flirt with Michael Vartan and attend a prom with one of the sickest themes I've ever heard of. Famous couples throughout the ages? Genius. Personal highlight? When the popular girls all show up in varying differations of Barbie. And when Leelee Sobieski shows up as DNA.

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