Sunday, May 10, 2009

what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game

A movie that I've been obsessing over as of late is William Wyler's "How to Steal a Million." This 1966 rom-com heist flick stars Audrey Hepburn (in full mod form) as Nicole Bonnet, the daughter of French art forger Charles Bonnet. They live in a world of luxury, with Nicole running around their mansion in Paris in custom-made Givenchy clothing and the father wandered about drinking champagne and wearing silk pajamas while he paints, but their lifestyle is threatened when a forged Cellini sculpture lent to a museum for tour is told it needs to be tested for authenticity before a one million dollar insurance can be granted on the piece. Nicole enlists the help of charming burglar Simon Dermott (Peter O'Toole) to help recover the piece before the museum figures out the truth (hence, how to steal a million).
I really love this film -- Audrey's chic '60s fashion is at a high note (post-Breakfast at Tiffany's, pre-Two for the Road -- so there was an edginess to her look but it didn't seem unsuitable) and I find her chemistry with Peter O'Toole to be so entertaining to watch. The film takes place in Paris, and the scenery reveals as much, but the dry wit and humor is very much British. Please rent this movie if you like charming, amusing, romantic caper flicks (and really, who doesn't?), or at the very least record it on your DVR.