Tuesday, June 16, 2009

they look just like two gurus in drag

John and Yoko. Love them or hate them, you have to admit that they were a pretty epic couple. Whether holding Bed-Ins for peace or creating music-- experimental or otherwise -- John and Yoko (or as they preferred 'johnandyoko') made some pretty great and groundbreaking things together. Personally I think that they are quite adorable together. I used to be an adamant anti-Yoko type of Beatles fan, one who was convinced that she singlehandedly broken up the Beatles and lured John into her spell and successfully controlled his life. But after watching "Imagine: John Lennon" documentary the other night, and after reading bits of interviews, I have come to think that they were just so overwhelmingly in love that they sort of blocked out their world around them (like the Beatles, Cynthia Lennon, etc.) and saw only each other. As John said in 1980, after he met Yoko, "the boys [the Beatles] became of no interest whatsoever other than being old school friends," going on to quote saying,"'those wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine'."


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Well, John might have been in love with her. But I wouldn't say that Yoko was in love with John, considering she moved in her long-time lover the day after John was cremated (going against John's final wish, I should add!). If you read The Last Days of John Lennon by Fred Seaman (J & Y's personal assistant) then you'll see what the relationship was really like, and not the fairytale Yoko wants the public to believe. Sorry for the long tirade, I just felt that I needed to express my opinion. I do agree with you though, that John and Yoko did do some pretty ground-breaking things during the first years of their marriage.

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wow Anonymous -- I didnt know that she moved in her lover the day after John was cremated! How awful! I know from reading "John" by Cyn Lennon that Yoko was very rude to both Cynthia and Julian immediately after John's death, like forbidding Cynthia from coming to New York and basically ignoring Julian while he was there mourning his dad.
Even though I have warmed to the John and Yoko together, I still much prefer when John was with May Pang during the mid-70s. Even though he said he was depressed, out-of-control, and not productive during "the Lost Weekend" with May, I see photos of him smiling and being happy like the John we used to know. Also, when he was with May, his relationship with Julian and Cynthia improved alot (much to May's credit). In fact, May and Cynthia are good friends now to this day. Also, not that it matters, but his friendship with Paul M. and others grew again while he was living with May. Its a shame that once he got back with Yoko that his relationships with friends and family became strained again.
Blahh, I'll shut up now. Thanks for the book recommendation -- I'll definitely pick up a copy

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