Tuesday, July 7, 2009

and hour on hour i watched in awe, no human being could match the draw of ringo

Today is Ringo Starr's 69th birthday. I'm guessing that he won't be going back on Larry King Live this year, considering how things went down on his 68th (in case you didn't see it -- Ringo got pretty mad at Larry, who said Ringo's age, 68, over a dozen times during the few minute interview, but Ringo was funny and called Larry 102 yrs. old, which in all honesty seems a possibility), but I do hope Rings keeps the message of peace and love through this birthday celebration. I haven't followed his recent career as much, but I genuinely like sixties Ringo. He seemed sad-eyed, goofy, laid-back, and fun.... He also had amazing rings (naturally) and enviable dance moves (just rent A Hard Day's Night if you need proof).

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