Friday, October 23, 2009

what i would give...

... to look like this. I've always thought Sienna was sensational - she has an expert sense of style that casual, girlie, floaty, but also mature, womanly, and fashion-saavy. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never be a gorgeous size zero blonde with millions of designer clothing lines (including one I myself design !) giving me oodles of clothes. I was jealous, yes, but it was a jealousy I had learned to live with. It was like white noise, or the threat of the apocalypse -- it was a truth I just never really liked to think about. That didn't stop me from thinking about Sienna all together. She's still one of my favorite girls out there - a good actress and a great style icon, one who stands far above the cokeheads in leggings and jersey and the Disney princesses in their Ed Hardy and Juicy.
I died when I saw Sienna in the Twenty8Twelve lookbook - it makes me want to be a blonde with long fringe, with lithe limbs and a sensational wardrobe. Basically, it reignited my Sienna lust to the point of disrupting my behavior. All I have thought about for the last three days is that I don't just want to have bangs like her's, I need bangs like her's. It's like, essential for my survival.

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