Friday, December 4, 2009

jane be jane, and if sometimes that might drive them away, let them stay there, you don't need them anyway

For whatever reason, Jane Asher has been on my mind as of late. Not that that's any real surprise - she's one of my favorite gals to write about. But I find myself thinking more and more that despite really liking her as an actress and style icon of the sixties, I don't really know much about Jane the person. Sure I've read about her background, her eccentric musically-inclined upperclass family, and her relationship with Paul, but I haven't really read or seen much in terms of her own opinions on matters. The only real interview I've found of her is when she and Paul came back from Rishikesh together, but she talks for only a moment there.
I know that a memoir of her life will probably never happen, which I don't mind at all - I have a lot of respect for her not wanting to discuss her life and relationships from when she was a young girl. But it just sort of gets at me a bit - she's still so much a mystery to me.


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The greenish photo (bottom row, third from left) in the snow during the filming of Help! isn't Jane Asher. Jane didn't go on the trip to Austria with the Beatles party.

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my smile successfully fought its way back on my face only seconds after read your lovely comment.
thank you queen jane! it´s very nice to read that i´m not alone with all these things in my head and that there´s always gonna be somebody somewhere who knows the way i feel even if that person is many many miles away and it´s absolutely unlikely that she ever crosses my paths on this earth.
deep down i know i´ll find my way and that whatever gets me through the night, it´s alright!
or to say it with a question: what is reality anyway?
it´s whatever we choose to be our life, the things we´re aware of, we love, the things we despite, the things we look at, the persons we give our love, our very self to.
we make our own reality and once that sunk in we realise what power lies behind that statement.
in my dreamy mind everyhting turned now into a crazy pattern of endless ways i can walk down and i thank you for making me think again and dig up all the positive energy of mine.

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This is my first time at your blog. I think it's great. It's very awesome. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

L. Queenies said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for including Jane at your blog!