Sunday, January 31, 2010

hey babe, what's in your eyes?

A (relatively) subtle sixties eye makeup look - just a simple black line across the upper lashes.

Penelope Tree rocking gold chains and spidery eyelashes.

That darling, daring Audrey Hepburn in a promotional shot for How to Steal a Million.

Jean Shrimpton on the cover of Beauty by Vogue.

Twiggy showing the camera how she applies her legendary eye makeup.

Ultra glamorous model Marissa Berenson poses with tassels in her hair and electric green eye shadow and baby pink blush.

Peggy Moffitt manages to apply eye makeup that upstages this wild Rudi Gernreich print.

Flower child Sharon Tate sports her heavy Valley of the Dolls-era eye makeup along with a purple caftan and hippie staple, a paisley head band.

Edie Sedgwick, known for her legendarily luxurious eye makeup application, poses in the latest sixties baubles.

Yé-yé superstar France Gall looks the essence of badass cool in thick winged eyeliner and a cloud of smoke.

A model from the mid-sixties recreates a peacock feather in an elaborate blend of eye shadows.

Peggy Moffitt, shown here applying her iconic lash paint.

Supermodel Veruschka photographed for Vogue in light lipstick and heavy eyes.

Gorgeous Twiggy shows up the final product of her makeup madness.

Edie Sedgwick successor Susan 'International Velvet' Bottomly sports eye makeup very similar to the Factory Girl herself.

Elizabeth Taylor in her role as Cleopatra, the film that single-handedly started the elaborate eye makeup craze of the sixties.

A model sporting a more classic evening look, complete with lace decals on the eyelids.

Jayne Mansfield, seen reapplying her already over-the-top makeup, in the mid-sixties.

Marissa Berenson, seen again in gorgeous eye-catching makeup.

Liza Minnelli in her Academy-Awarding role in Cabaret.

The most glamorous hippie I've ever seen.

Bardot does Chaplin

Brigitte Bardot is photographed on break from filming Viva Maria! in Mexico 1965. According to Willi Frischauer's biography on the star, Bardot: an Intimate Biography, Bardot would perform splendid impersonations of the legendary Charlie Chaplin in order to pass the long months on the hot Mexico set, despite never seeing a Chaplin film. These are several photos from the rarely-seen shoot.

Photographer: James Hyman, London

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ten Things I Love About Winter

1. Sending out thank-you notes from the holidays.

2. Playing in the snow, especially building a snowman.

3. Lounging all day in a warm bed.

4. Having really great bed hair. And knowing that a knitted hat on top your head is so much better than brushing your hair.

5. Being all bundled up in your wintertime finest.

6. Catching up on the greatest show of our generation.

7. Wandering through the snow alone with nothing but headphones and some music to listen to.

8. Renewed inspiration.

9. Coming home.

10. Falling in love with storybooks again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the big bang theory

I don't know if it's because of too many late night viewings of (500) Days of Summer, or if it's because of these recently released pictures from InStyle, but my desire to have choppy fantastic fringe has come back full force. Not to say I'm completely against a naked forehead, but I can deny that a girl with blunt bangs and painted eyes looks utterly gorgeous.
Here are some photos of girls from yesterday and today:

Penelope Tree, the epitome of blunt bangs and painted eyes

"Why yes, Pattie, your hair does look fab..."

Cher (avec Sonny) sporting heavy fringe in '68

The lovely Brigitte, with a healthy tan and even healthier bangs

Francoise Dorleac, the late sister of Catherine Deneuve, looking gorgeous with her eye-skimming trim

Style maven Susie Bubble, looking utterly precious with her fringe

Sienna Miller as Nikki in Alfie, rocking a haircut that spawned a million admirers

Jane Birkin, the possessor of the most enviable fringe in history

Serge Gainsbourg prodigy France Gall lives up to her innocent image with her blonde bangs

French model (and Johnny Depp baby mama) Vanessa Paradis looks like paradise with her chic blunt cut

Daisy Lowe, the rebel model who walks as many nightclub entrances as runways, rocks the bad girl essential: choppy, uneven fringe

The recently-turned brunette socialite/designer Nicole Richie (wearing her own Winter Kate dress) shows off her equally as stylish bangs

Frequent Vogue cover girl Jean Shrimpton looks the picture of elegance with chandelier earrings and perfectly trimmed fringe

Indie darling Zooey Deschanel is rarely ever seen without her brunette bangs

The always beautiful Marianne Faithfull captured in a candid shot from the mid-sixties, modeling her requisite forehead fringe

Kate Beckinsale, channeling the lovely Anna Karina in Roller Girl, sports long waves and blunt bangs