Tuesday, March 2, 2010

switch me on, turn me up, don't want it baudelaire, just glitter lust

Alison Goldfrapp (b. May 13, 1966), frontwoman and namesake of the electro-pop duo Goldfrapp, is such an inspiration for fashion, especially for me. The "Ooh La La" singer is famously elusive about her personal life, and very hesitant to give interviews. This media shyness adds to the air of mystery surrounding this Brit bird, allowing her to adopt a new style persona with each album release. She has had as many transformations under her belt as fellow songstress Madonna, and it is easy to understand Goldfrapp's criticism of the Material Girl for allegedly ripping off her style (The British press is on her side - calling Madge 'Oldfrapp').
Whatever you think about the Madonna-drama, you have to admit that Alison Goldfrapp has some serious style. I adore her for her free-spirited approach to performing (she is rarely seen in shoes while on stage) and her love of all things glamorous. She always looks like she's having fun in what she's wearing, which is honestly the whole point of fashion, isn't it? Her fashion tip: "Just always do your own thing and wear whatever you want."

The Felt Mountain Years (2000-2002):
For Goldfrapp's debut LP Felt Mountain, she was all about berets, Hunter rain boots paired with parkas, soft finger waves, and Heidi braids. A neo-grunge meets English country rose emerged and became one of her most popular looks.

The Black Cherry Years (2003-2004):
For Black Cherry, Goldfrapp was Little Red Riding Hood gone bad. She piled her curls on top of her head in a very Helena Bonham Carter fashion, and concentrated her wardrobe around a black and red palette. She also adopted Vivienne Westwood punk and introduced into her wardrobe velvet capes, top hats, bustier dresses, 1940s-inspired hats, and stilettos worn with striped ankle socks.

The Supernature Years (2005-2006):
For Supernature she went ultra-glam, with her now-signature mane of platinum corkscrew curls and heavily made-up dollybird eyes. This look is reminiscent of 1970s Biba girls who paired the decadent noir looks of the 1920s and 1930s with the glam rock style of the decade. Sculpting her brows into a pin-thin style last seen on the likes of Jean Harlow, Goldfrapp indulged in a love affair with peacock feathers, turban hats, tuxedo jackets, jumpsuits, sky-high platform heels, black lingerie poking out of her clothes, and fishnets. The neo-flapper look is such an integral part of the Supernature look. You can't see it in the photograph but the black jumpsuit she is seen wearing in the lower row of photographs is actually covered in a thick ring of fringe from the knee down, and creates a halo around her as she dances (seen in the 'Ooh La La' video).

The Seventh Tree Years (2007-2008):
In a striking change from the glam rock aesthetic of Supernature, Goldfrapp put away her jumpsuits and platforms and embraced the folkier vibe of Seventh Tree. With oversized poets blouses, tri-corn pirate hats decorated with marabou feathers, multi-colored harlequin suits, over-the-knee socks, the psychedelic carnival inspiration of the album is obvious. She completely the look with a giant owl she frequently posed with.

The Head First Years (2009-Present):
The recently released photos from Goldfrapp's latest upcoming effort Head First reveal a late-1970s and early 1980s appeal. In oversized stonewashed button downs, and pink bomber jumpsuits, the look unites the glam Studio 54 look of Diana Ross with the color palette of Punky Brewster. She completes the look with eye shadows of blues and icy purples.

Her concert style:
She ditched her signature corkscrew curls for several shows, and also switched up her concert garb from flowing smocked minidresses to skintight bodysuits and dresses. She was never seen without a pair of sunglasses on her face, usually it was a pair of candy pink plastic heart-shaped frames.

Going along with the circus aesthetic of Seventh Tree is one of Goldfrapp's most worn concert outfits. A black and white checkered smock dress with large yarn 'buttons', it was accessorized with her signature microphone stand decorated with ribbons and dried flowers.

This dress, which Goldfrapp wore both in concert and at the 2008 Glastonbury festival, is a smock dress made of ribbons. I swoon over it's amazingness. If anyone knows how to make/get one and would like to be kind enough to fill me in, I will be eternally grateful to your kindness.

I adore the coral dress that Goldfrapp sported in many concerts. Similar to the black and white dress in shape, as well as with the pom poms made of yarn, this dress was a perfect piece for the Seventh Tree tour.


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i love goldie!
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Hi, I found you blog after image searching 'ribbon dress' as I'm making one for a London Pride week. Should be done in a couple of weeks. Although I'm falling in love with it and it may have to be pried out if my hands. The Goldfrapp one is just lush!