Monday, April 19, 2010

and in the dark and in the past, i thought 'oh god my chance has come at last'

This weekend marked the first time ever I had seen Inglourious Basterds. Which is surprising, because I am quite the Tarantino nut. In fondness of the film, I dedicate this post to the lovely ladies of the Basterds, Shosanna Dreyfus, played by Melanie Laurent, and Bridgit von Hammersmark, portrayed by Diane Kruger.

Shosanna Dreyfus (also known as: Emmanuelle Mimieux)
Few other characters in cinematic history embody the phrase "revenge is a dish best served cold" than Shosanna Dreyfus. After her family is brutally killed at the order of Co. Hans Landa, Shosanna manages to concoct her revenge almost four years later when a pro-Nazi film is set to premiere at her local theatre.

During the day, Shosanna relies on slouchy menswear pieces to complete her look. Baggy trousers, overcoats, and sweaters are not unusual, nor are suspenders and her requisite newsboy cap. During 'Operation-Kino' Shosanna channels her inner vixen and dresses at the ultimate Lady in Red. In a body-skimming scarlett gown, paired with a veiled hat, Shosanna makes a memorable last impression on celluloid.

Mélanie Laurent
I have recently come to admire the personal style of the actress behind the Basterd Shosanna, played by the beautiful Paris-born-and-bred actress Melanie (with an accent) Laurent. While she doesn't possess the polished Parisian style of Catherine Deneuve (another French icon of style), Laurent's look is something more akin to Vanessa Paradis. This messy, sexy, and edgy look is precisely what I love most about how French women dress. Laurent has the enviable quality about her that makes her hair look better when it goes unbrushed, and she looks gorgeous in makeup from the night before.

I like that she plays around with different styles, moving seamlessly from detailed little black frocks to romantic silk gowns, before switching it up with leather or marabou feathers. Laurent has experimented with her hair as well - dark blonde, brunette, strawberry blonde, platinum (her current hue), with heavy blunt fringe, shoulder-length, long, short, and everything in between. Her beauty mainstays are subtly smoky eyes and a dramatic lip, often alternating between a nude gloss or a dark red stain.

Bridgit von Hammersmark
Bridgit is the ultimate German film star. With her ice blonde hair and Nordic good looks, it is not difficult to imagine von Hammersmark to be an international celebrity en par with Bergman and Dietrich - she has the alluring accent and a demeanor that is equally as such.
Very much a character in tune with the times, Bridgit sports feminine tailored pieces, like her khaki skirt suit with belted blazer. She adds a bit of an edge with her dramatic hat with a feather poking out the back. At the premiere of Nation's Pride, the film-within-the-film, she embraces true Hollywood glamour in a mostly-backless black gown, white opera gloves, tons of diamond jewelry, and an oversized white fur stole. She finishes the look with subtle makeup - little more that red lipstick - and an orchid piece set in her hair.

Diane Kruger
I have always really admired the way that Kruger dresses. She is one of the few actresses in Hollywood that doesn't use a stylist. Instead, she dresses herself in some of the most stunning pieces I've ever seen - occasionally, she even (gasp!) does her own hair and makeup for the red carpet. She consistently comes out on the Best Dressed list for her gorgeous, unique choices.

In Basterds, Kruger was given her best-role-to-date as the starlet/double agent Bridgit von Hammersmark. She was able to use her native German and gave a truly stellar performance. Because of her connection to this Tarantino film, Kruger has walked the red carpet for many of the big events for the last eighteen-or-so months. Kruger rarely experiments with her signature bright blonde hair, but everything else is up to chance when it comes to how she looks. There is no definite 'style' for Kruger, except for that she wears some of the most exquisite, romantic clothing. With her blonde hair, peaches-and-cream complexion and her soft flowing pieces, she looks as if she emerged from a dream.

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This film is amazing. I loved Diane Kruger's style in it the most, her high heel wedge plaster job was quite fab!