Monday, April 26, 2010

as she posts another letter to the sound of five, people gather 'round her and she finds it hard to stay alive

Paul McCartney is shown here heading to court on February 19th, 1971, in the case against the other three members of the Beatles and the Apple Record company. By his side lending support was his wife of nearly two years, Linda, who was then two-months pregnant with daughter Stella. It was during this court case that Paul tried to dissolve all legal ties between the Beatles. The case was very much opposed by the other members of the band, who each wanted financial control to remain in the hands of Allen Klein.
Linda's brother, John Eastman, advised the couple on how to dress at the court proceedings. Linda was told to dress like a conservative young wife, and Paul was told to wear a suit and tie. He refused to wear a tie, instead opting for an open-neck white buttondown shirt and telling Eastman that "That's too humiliating. I'm dressing up so they'll think I'm innocent. There's no way I'm doing that [wearing a tie]." Linda matched her leather boots and buttondown with a long tailored skirt and vest, and retained her Earth mama charm by letting her hair hang loose and free. Paul, whether out of coincidence or irony, wore the Tommy Nutter suit that he wore on the cover of Abbey Road.
As I've mentioned before, I'm quite a big fan of Paul McCartney facial hair, so I absolutely love his full-on Navy beard. In his official biography Many Years From Now, his look is likened to "a sailor of the Players Navy Cut cigarette packet."