Friday, December 24, 2010

pretty pink hair, big brown dress hair eyes, gotta get to your pink house

I was inspired by my lovely friend Melissa over at Glamoretta to do a post about my strangely deep love of pink hair. I've known Melissa since we were eleven years old - she's one of the few girls in the blogosphere that I know in the 'real' world. She has really great style and is so gorge - I definitely recommend that you check out her blog. We've already decided we are going to take over the fashion world, so there's that. Plus she's really awesome.
Okay, enough fawning - onto the post. At the end of last school year, one of my best friends Meg and I decided on a whim to dye our hair streaks of color. I chose pink and Meg chose blue. We were stone cold sober, I might add. I don't know why, but people tend to assume that this was a drunken decision. But no. Actually, dyeing my hair was pretty much the extent of my teenage rebellion. Pretty pathetic in the scope of other kids my age "livin' on the edge," but adding a little Kool-Aid color (or kolor, if you will) was enough for me. (But to be fair, it's pretty much a fact that pink hair isn't for the faint of heart. As Rizzo said of Sandy in Grease, "she's too pure to be pink").
Of course, once I came home after semester's end, my mother made an appointment at our salon to have the pink situation 'corrected.' So here is an ode to pink hair. Because obviously nothing says Christmas quite like dyeing one's hair to resemble cotton candy.

Here's the image from Glamoretta that started it all 

Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation. And of course, who can forget the lovely pink tinted hair that ScarJo sported in the Louis Vuitton SS'07 ad campaign? 

One of my favorite modern-day models, Abbey Lee Kershaw

Anja Rubic, with hair resembling the color and texture of sugar-spun cotton candy

I don't really know what Audrey Kitching does ... except have hot hot pink hair and every Tarina Tarantino necklace that I've ever wanted

Avril Lavigne - I really love her eyelashes here too

Dree Hemingway does a subtle pink tint, a less dramatic version of the look she sported in the Valentino S'10 advertisements 

Pink hair doesn't always have to be a drastic statement of rebellion. This light pink shade looks the picture of ladylike perfection, with a hue that even matches tulip petals

Another sophisticated take on pink hair. This light shade hovers between pink and lavender, which is another beautiful color to do. I like that this model sports a bit of an Ombre look here - with the pink at its deepest color at the roots, moving to pure platinum blonde at the ends

Lustworthy pink hair and chubby (faux) fur coat - a union of my two great loves

Gwen Stefani sported bright pink hair during her early days in No Doubt and again when she first branched out in her solo career, in tandem with her launch of L.A.M.B.

John Galliano's runway models rock painted-on pink hair

Julia Roberts with a very subtle, mama-approved take on the look

Kate Moss, who has accomplished the amazing feat of matching her lipstick to her locks

With wigs that have touched on every color in the spectrum, it's no surprise that Lady Gaga has tried out pink hair

Lily Allen turned heads when she dyed her entire head Barbie pink

Mary-Kate Olsen does a dirty bohemian take on pink hair

Natalia Vodianova in W Magazine (September 2006), shot by Craig McDean 

I'm not well-acquainted with the stripper world, but I'm guessing that most of those ladies aren't nearly as lovely as Natalie Portman's alluring Alice in Closer

I remember being unhealthily in love with Rachel McAdams and her pink streaks when I was in high school. I distinctly remember pouring over her editorial in Elle Magazine where she wore the newest haute couture gowns instead of studying for my course exams during our March finals week. I studied her look so intensely, I can remember of the top of my head one of the dresses - a light seafoam color Chanel HC gown with feathers and sequins - that was worn by Kirsten Dunst to the Oscars (though I preferred Rachel, plus the pink)

Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed in Thirteen

Post-shaved head and umbrella-gate, at least Britney could still make a few good decisions on her own: pink bobbed wig and a leopard print dress

Blog-stars Carolina Engman and Krystal Simpson

The lovely Sharon Tate with pink locks


Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

dude! you're the best! and i kind of want to dye my hair pink at some point in my life

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Pink is a very cute and fashionable color. Perfect for you to stand out in the crowd and say, summer here I come.

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