Thursday, December 2, 2010

you got me heels over head

Earlier today, I was doing some casually internet-stalking (as I so normally do) and I found a photograph of Edie Sedgwick on tumblr that really reminded me of a previous photo I'd seen of her. It wasn't just the peroxide blonde cropped 'do or the painted eyes or even the monochrome-minimalist wear that she so rocked that triggered my memory - it was her pose. 
Hoisting her lower body up in the air, allowing her dancer legs to be shown off to the nth degree, was Edie's go-to pose in a lot of modeling as well as Factory shots. There's a light-heartedness to these photos, and that's how I like to think of Edie - a free-spirited young woman, happy enough with her life to kick up her legs and have a laugh. 

(*sidenote: my yoga instructor says that this is a really good position to practice, especially if you want to strengthen your back*)