Thursday, February 10, 2011

Then and Now: Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Kardashian

I will say this up front, even if it looses me street retro cred: I love the Kardashians. More so than just keeping up with them - I literally love these girls. Maybe it has to do with their cosmetic prowess, or their anti-size zero Hollywood bodies, or their extremely candid manner with one another (Yes I do say "Bible", "slob kabob", and some other choice voKab words) - but they are the sisters that I never had. When I want to escape the terrors of a boy-dominated home, I can flip on an episode of their show and get a 30-minute estrogen fix.
In a world according to the Kardashians, I am a 'Kim' - I am not nearly as gutsy as the Khloes and Kourtneys of the world, who feel comfortable saying and doing most everything that they want. I'm a little more mild mannered. And I'm not an outdoorsy girl in the slightest (Kim and I are definitely on the same page about that). We also both love Elizabeth Taylor. While I'm not lucky enough to be like Kim and share the luscious dark hair, strong eyes, or womanly curves with Elizabeth Taylor (nor do I have photographers eager to capture me looking like my most favorite actress), I do certainly love and admire her career and her life.
In honor of the Harper's Bazaar cover girl (Kim), who was lucky enough to channel and interview our idol Elizabeth, here is a 'Then and Now' to celebrate these two bombshells:

Kim's photographs in last year's Allure Magazine bore a striking resemblance to photos taken of Elizabeth on the set of her Texan epic Giant

In the same magazine, Kim struck a pose very similar to a young Elizabeth (again on the Giant set), both  sunning their stunning faces

This month's Harper's cast Kim in one of Elizabeth's most famous roles, Cleopatra (with a K) 
Some charming quotes from there conversation can be found here