Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm going on down to yasgur's farm, i'm gonna join in a rock and roll band, i'm gonna camp out on the land, i'm gonna set my soul free

Spring is officially here. According to the calendar, not according to the patches of snow outside of my window. It's an annual thing for me - with the start of warm weather comes my desire for fabulously bright prints, psychedelic swirls, and light layers of fabrics so long they graze the grass that my bare feet are walking through.
And for once, I'm not the only one getting back hooked on hippie garb. After quitting cold turkey during the winter months - wearing nothing but leather, black and beige - I've seen a lot of people gettin' high on hippy dippy trippy threads.
To make it even more official, the fashion kings and queens have decreed that Seventies fashion (think Stevie Nicks gypsy skirts and piano shawls, and Farrah Fawcett's bell-bottomed jeans and simple unfussy blouses) will reign this season. Instead of washed-out denims and white eyelet dresses, I am more in the mood for dresses in ethnic prints done in traffic-stopping colors, weighed down heavily by beading, fringing, embroidery, and other embellishments so much that you can feel through your outfit every breath you take.

France Gall gets into the gypsy spirit (and her dog seems to dig it, too!) 

Jane Birkin, in a Celia Birtwell print outfit, a film known by many names (but has something to do with Katmandu), and in a frock from the legendary Wonderwall

With or without Mick by her side, Marianne never looked incomplete in her stunning threads

I have an odd jealousy of Jodie Foster's kid prostitute character in Taxi Driver - putting aside the fact that she had to sell her body at 12-years-old

California queen (and former Mrs. Ryan O'Neal) Leigh Taylor-Young looks contemplative while posing in this hippie caftan (maybe she's wondering how she can look that amazing?)

Claudia Cardinale poses alongside (apparent) friend Frank Zappa, in a photo shoot for a 1967 issue of Epoca Magazine

Anita Pallenberg never fails to amaze in her signature gypsy-rocker style

Pattie Boyd joins two models in modeling designs by The Fool, to promote Apple Boutique 

Brigitte Bardot was a true bohemian bombshell - still retaining her sex kitten charm while in ruffled maxidresses, embroidered caftans, and her various floral minidresses 

Posing in front of a wall with that many colors, Britt Ekland wisely chooses and outfit to match

Penelope Tree (thanks to Youthquaker for the bottom scans!) 

Diane von Furstenberg embodies the idea of gypsy jetset luxury

Ewa Aulin (I'm trying really hard to not make an 'I Want Candy' joke) 

Though still sporting her Bonnie bob, Faye Dunaway trades her 1930s threads for a gorge paisley blouse

Frida Kahlo

I love candid photos of young people during the sixties - it's always interesting to see how their generation dressed themselves, beyond the limited view that celebrities and magazines from that time show us

How could I have done a post about opulent gypsy clothes without mentioning my dear Janis? 

Jean Shrimpton tries bright patterns to varying degrees, with bold color-blocked minidresses, embroidered caftan tops, and flowing maxidresses 

Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison hanging out at Pam's boutique Themis 

Luaren Hutton is one of my all-time favorites, and not just because she can pull off virtually any look (seriously - how can someone look that good in a tight high-necked hood?)

It's sometimes hard to stand out in a crowd - but in a bright green patterned dress, with a matching bejeweled turban, it's easy

BFFs and costars in the Swingin' London spoof Smashing Time, Lynn Redgrave and Rita Tushingham, poke more fun at London's overwhelming obsession with the hippie trend 

Pattie, Jane Asher, Cyn Lennon (and their respective Beatle boys) pose with Mike Love, Mia Farrow, Donovan, and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh

Marisa Berenson, dubbed a "Euroglam gypsy" by the fab Simon Doonan, poses in a variety of brightly colored dresses, on the island of Mauritius, in the pages of Vogue, and in a 1969 campaign for Halston photographed by Clarke Henry

With a voice even more incredible than that lace dress, singer-songwriter Melanie Safka proves that she was a wise addition to the Woodstock lineup many years ago

Whether in Pucci or Gernreich, these models had an easy job making these clothes look cool

Pattie and George hang out outside of Kinfauns (with a mysterious puppet alongside them)

With her carefree style and stunning looks, it's easy to see why men like Roman Polanski, Rob Lowe, and Quincy Jones fell for Nastassja Kinski 

Photographer, Laurel Canyon resident, and Monkee baby mama Nurit Wilde was just as beautiful as the photographs she took

Peggy Moffitt is always perfection

The glowing and glorious Sharon Tate rockin' a dashiki 

Miss Pamela and the rest of the GTOs take the flower child look to California

Well, I'd be in the mood too if I saw a boy wearing hot pink floral pants...

These models show that bold prints can be worn in a sophisticated way

The Beatles - they may have been the 'walrus', but they were also psychedelic style stars

Always a favorite at DRG, Veruschka rocks frocks from designers as diverse as Pucci and Hutzler's, but with a common theme: stripes and swirls in electric hues 

Title: from "Woodstock" (Joni Mitchell)


Maricou said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thank you for these groovy pictures.
BTW where is Mama Cass?

Alexis said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ahh, I can't believe I forgot Mama! She epitomizes this look! I am going to fix this pronto.
Thank you for pointing that out to me, Maricou!


KarlaRita said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This is perfect! <3

Ciccia said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow, lovely pictures, brings back so many memories. I would never have recognized Claudia Cardinale in that picture with Frank Zappa! Walk The Line is one of your favorite movies I noticed...mine too, I just love Johnny Cash, I have all his songs! Another singer I like a lot is Conway Twitty but there's not much about him, he shied away from the media, if I understood correctly.

JoID said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great pictures!! Great rewind!! i follow you, i hope you follow me too!!! xoxo JoID

Alexis said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks JoID, I would love to check out your site as well!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey there,

Great collection of photos, love it. The women next to Jim Morrison in the photo at Themis isn't Pam. If you get the uncropped version you can see Pam on the floor posing with another gentlemen.

Best wishes,
Disco Dashiki