Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

When I was little, Easter was one of my favorite holidays. It was an excuse to dress up in fantastic pale pink dresses and white shoes (with those frilly, lacy ankle socks), paint hearts on to hardboiled eggs, and elbow my younger cousins out of the way during our Easter egg hunt in our backyard. (I was a vicious little doll)
Now, all those years later, Easter is a bit different for me. It's still a lovely excuse for me to dress up - maybe not in light pink dresses, but to wear pretty clothes in exchange for my usual Sunday uniform of leggings, a large button down shirt, an even larger jacket, and my favorite scuffed and stained brown leather boots. Even better, Easter is an excuse to be with family and friends, and appreciate each other's company, and celebrate a beautiful day in Spring. 
Here are some of my favorite Easter-related photos- though, fair warning: admittedly this post is a bit on the bunny-heavy side

Chloe Sevigny obviously has the same egg-retrieval tactics as I had back in my glory days

Drew Barrymore does her best Courtney Love impression in a field of bunnies

The beautiful Sharon Tate

Supermodel Julia Stegner

Kate Moss manages to make bunny ears look badass (I think it's the fishnets...) 

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Natalia Vodianova, in sunglasses so miraculous that the bunny ears do not look out-of-place 
(On an unrelated note: I have a pair of sunglasses I purchased at a costume shop that are strikingly similar to those) 


... Bunnies of a different sort

Raquel Zimmermann

Abbey Lee Kershaw 

Lauren Hutton