Monday, May 30, 2011

you’d look good pram-pushing down the high street, come on now, honey, don’t you want to live with me?

Sure, everyone who's anyone (well ... and who is a fan of Miss Boyd) has seen these photos of Pattie totally owning the London high street - but it never hurts to take another look. Pattie is my inspiration for this summer - I want that same self-confidence to be oozing out of my every pore like it is for her. Of course, I can't have the same twig-legs, sixties designer fashions, great hair, gorgeous hubby (I'm talking George ... sorry Slowhand), or fab makeup ... but at least I can be like Pattie in this regard.
That doesn't make me sound pathetic, does it?

Title: from "Live With Me" (The Rolling Stones)