Thursday, June 30, 2011

Then and Now: Pattie Boyd and Britney Spears

Who knew that red vinyl bodysuits were such a fashion statement? Here, both Pattie and Brit-Brit rock red catsuits with matching black boots and teased blonde hair. I feel a new trend coming on...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

now baby i believe this is real, so take a chance and don't ever look back

Seemingly improbable things have happened to me throughout my life - I've had interactions with people that I know I am not cool enough to be even six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon from. For starters, when I was a just a little whip of a thing, I fell down in front of Sidney Poitier and then proceeded to have a hissy fit in front of him at the Brown Derby restaurant in California (did I mention this was the Hollywood episode of I Love Lucy?). I only calmed down when he told the waitress to give me straws with Disney characters on them. Honestly, I still redden with embarrassment when I watch Lilies of the Field. A few years after that, I flew on Jack Abramoff's jet. Granted it wasn't until watching a certain Kevin Spacey movie with my parents that I was informed whose jet it even was. When I was a teenager, Sophia Bush told me she liked my sweater (well duh, it was a really cute sweater - so that's more props to her I suppose). Most recently in February at the Lucky FABB event, I accidentally insinuated to Brandon Holley and Rebecca Minkoff that my father was gay (he's not - he just really does love Fashion Police). 
I'm not saying any of this to sound braggy or bitchy because, honestly, a lot of these moments are kinda embarrassing to me and I have no reason to boast about my inability to socially interact with people. Telling y'all this is a build-up to what I found today - an event that constitutes one of my most surreal experiences with someone who shouldn't even know I'm alive, that I'm writing blog. Mainly because I sometimes write about them on the site. 
So, just for some more backstory, I'll tell you this: Folks, I don't understand Twitter. I'm intrigued by it, and open to using one, but it's reaaaaally hard for me. I don't know how to use it, how to interpret it, how to understand the '@' signs and hasthtags. And don't even get me started on 'trending' - seriously, don't. So much confusion has stemmed from this phenomenon that apparently everyone else in the universe understands. But being a Twitter twit doesn't stop me from reading other peoples' Twitters. I love to read through the 160-character musings of Kanye West, the humor of Aziz Ansari and Donald Glover, and the sometimes too-true revelations of White Girl Problems. I also occasionally like to search around to see if some of my icons from retrodom have entered the Twitterverse. So imagine my excitement when I come across the twitter site for Bebe Buell. Here I can read goofy comments and muse-ful musings (excuse the corniness of that) of a true rock goddess. I know that there were comments exchanged on this site many, many months ago regarding Buell's book, with my stating that what I liked least about the book was that I didn't feel that it captured her voice as authentically as it could have. But with Twitter - minus rewrites, editors, co-authors, publishers and such - we can take a look at the full-on fabulosity of Miss Buell all by herself. 
So, of course, I stalked the hell of her Twitter. I read as many postings as I could - just one right after the other - until I stopped dead in my Tweet-tracks. What, may you ask, captured my attention so? This glorious little link staring back at me:

A million and a half thoughts came rushing in my head: How did she find my post? What did she think of it? Did she like it? Did she hate it? Was she offended that I thought there could be a style "now" to her "then"? Was this a fake Twitter account and maybe just a fan / loon was acting as her? 
I know I'll never have answers to my questions, and I know it's not nearly the big deal I am making it out to be. It's just a link. But I know I am going to continue to nerd-out and be obsessed with this. Why? Because I really am a huge fan of Bebe Buell, and this is such an awesome thing to me, because I think that this will be as close as I'll get to ever meeting one of my heroes. That ... and because it's summer and I don't have much else going on. 

Title: from "Teenage Dream" (Katy Perry)

Friday, June 24, 2011

the top ten award

I want to thank the fabulously fashionable Jessica of ChicGeek for giving me the Top 10 Award. This is one of my favorite kinds of awards because it consists of you listing your favorite cosmetics. I am a total beauty product junkie, so I had quite a bit of fun going through all my goodies and deciding which ones I would choose. I had to make some very difficult decisions - choosing Buxom Lips gloss over my trusty Sexy Motherpucker, and opting for my fragrance obsession of the moment (D&G The One) instead of one of my favorite summer scents - a toss-up between Marc Jacobs Blush and Stella by Stella McCartney, and the dirty rose fragrance of my recent go-to for spring, Kate Moss's original scent, which is a bit of a rock'n'roll floral. But these are the crucial choices that every one has to make in their lives.
I kid ... but beauty products do offer considerable importance to me, no matter how vain that sounds. The word 'cosmetic' comes from the Greek word 'kosmos', which means "the order of the universe"*, and makeup products actually do have a mystical hold over my life. I love reading blogs (Into the Gloss is my girl-porn - I'm addicted), magazines, various articles, books and such regarding the world of cosmetics and beauty. I adore women like Eva Chen, the Beauty Editor at Teen Vogue, for making such an interest into a full-fledged job. During my too-regular-for-own-good visits to department store beauty counters and my mecca Sephora, I make out like a pirate with all my goodies; and sometimes look like a pirate too - that much kohl eyeliner is good for Jack Sparrow, but not so good for me. So right now I'll play Beauty Editor pretend and offer my bits of 'wisdom' regarding the best of my beauty booty:

1. Temptu Airbrush Foundation in 002 Ivory: I love how evenly and flawlessly this foundation applies. It's super easy to use - just a few swooshes around the face, and my skin looks better than I've seen it in years. The only downside - I'm unable to apply normal foundation and be satisfied with it anymore. Guess Temptu and I are for life.
2. Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion in Black Brown: I prefer drugstore brands for mascara because why spend twenty-plus dollars on something you have to toss in a few months anyways? I'll admit I still have Benefit BadGal mascara, Urban Decay's Big Fatty and a Lancôme mascara with a scary brush (I'm a bit of an eye makeup whore) but ever since I first had my 'lashes blasted', I've been hooked. I don't think I've found a mascara that is so consistently non-clumpy than this one. It's great to apply on both sides of lashes to make your eyes pop and look like you just stepped out of a Latisse ad.
3. Smashbox Artificial Light Flash Luminizing Lotion: technically a lotion to be mixed with or applied underneath foundation, I actually use this light formula as an illuminator after I've applied foundation and blush. I dab a bit across my cheekbones, my nose, eyelids, forehead and right above my cupid's bow. It's shimmery enough to make my skin look glowy and a bit shimmery without looking like I raided the body glitter collection I hoarded in the third grade.
4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in Blonde: since I have naturally light blonde hair, I also was given matching blonde eyebrows. It never bothered me until recent years, when I noticed in photographs my brows looked like Whoopi Goldberg (have you ever noticed that she doesn't have eyebrows?). Now, since I've darkened my hair, I hardly ever leave the house without using this light pencil and grooming my brows with its dual-ended comb.
5. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder: I'm obsessed with the idea of perfect-looking skin. This translucent powder is perfect for all skin tones and literally makes every pore imperfection go away. The powder is loose white (but immediately goes away) and reminds me of the story Kenneth Anger told about the filming of Lucifer Rising that he warned Marianne Faithfull not to bring drugs into Egypt at risk of execution. Faithfull hid the drugs in her makeup box under her face powder, and Anger alleged Faithfull "powdered her face with heroin." ... but that has nothing to do with this.
6. Maybelline The Falsies Volum'Express in Brownish Black: when I want mega-lashes without the added effort of applying actual falsies, I again turn to a trusty drugstore brand. I think it was Cindy Crawford who said that unless you have ultra-dark hair it's better to use brown mascara as it's not so severe. I like brown-black mascaras because I like being just a little bit severe.
7. Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Velvet in Bewitched: a rich chocolate shadow; I apply this to the upper lash line (and to my bottom lash line when I want an uber-dolly look) with a MAC 263 brush.
8. BareMinerals Buxom Lips in Dolly: ahh the name of this gloss's shade says it all for me. Though it doesn't produce the same über-beestung look (or cheekiness in the packaging) as Soap & Glory's Sexy Motherpucker (my fave shade is What a Melon, btw), this gloss is the perfect there-but-not-there shade with just a hint of color, tingle (a bit minty), and shimmer. It's perfect for any occasion. I always have it in my bag.
9. Dolce & Gabanna The One: simply just one of the best smelling fragrances I've had the pleasure of sniffing in my life. One of my friends wears it regularly, and I was obsessed with it and begged her to tell me what she was wearing. She said, "The One." It was as though that's all that needed to be said. Everywhere I went after that when I would smell a hint of it, I would freak out until I sought out the wearer of the perfume ... seriously in order to chat with her about the scent. I love it ... and unless I find a different perfume that I fall in love with more than this, I think I may have found "The One" I want to be my signature scent.
10. Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 30: it would be a vast understatement to say that I'm not a sun worshipper. I wear sunscreen and sunnies everyday in order to protect my visage from the the damaging rays of le soleil. This brush-on sun protection powder is such a lifesaver for someone like I, who doesn't reapply sunscreen every few hours and tends to get a bit shiny during the day. I discovered it at Bliss Spa in NYC senior year of high school and I have been a loyal user ever since.

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* thanks to the book Life is a Movie Starring You by Jennifur Brandt for this fun fact

Sunday, June 19, 2011

baby's in black

I differ from many other Texan gals, in that I wear a lot of black always (in a nongothic way, of course) and I have quite fair skin. In a sea of incredibly tanned, toned, and brightly dressed Southern belles, I stick out like a pasty sea urchin. You won't see a lot of gals in my neck of the woods wearing a primarily black outfit in the middle of June, when it's a lucky day when the temperature doesn't hit the three-digit mark. But, ah yes, I am quite the rebel. 
This was the outfit while going out last night. The black boyfriend-style blazer is by The Gap - I adore it's brass buttons and the slightly masculine pattern of the coat's interior, making rolling up the sleeves a fashion statement in itself. I'm not sure how I would describe the pattern of this top (sort of snakeskin-y) or really the color of it (sort of goldish-yellow-green) but it's by Sparkle & Fade - a great brand full of colorful, trendy, and perhaps most importantly comfy clothes - and I got it from Urban Outfitters. My bag - a big fringe creation by Rachel Zoe - is a great olive shade and worked well enough with the color of my top without being too matchy-matchy. Plus, I'm on a fringe binge so I wasn't going to not use the bag, regardless of whether it worked with my outfit or not. (See again: I am a fashion rebel, people!)
The leggings are high-waisted black American Apparel leggings in that fantastic shiny material. I'm beyond obsessed with them; I have several pairs. The material makes the leggings look a little dressier and more fun than regular cotton leggings, and they are mayjahh-ly opaque (which is a major plus for me) and makes your legs look thinner. 
These black Joie knee-high boots (currently only available in chocolate brown) first captured my attention because they are styled so similarly after the equestrian boots I wore when I rode horses competitively ... except these boots have never given me blisters, nor have they been subject to horse manure. 
I kept my jewelry completely gold - with big (but thin) hoop earrings, my beloved rose gold Cartier love bracelet, and bangle designed by b-side by Ken & Dana as part of their Rights Collection. The particular bracelet I am wearing features the numbers of the court case of Romer v. Evans - 517 US 620 1996 - a case that protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation. See, style can have a conscience. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

wrapped in songs and gypsy shawls, color up the sunshine hours

The gal that I will be channelling this summer is one of the most fabulous, incredible women that I've ever seen: Marisa Berenson. She is equal parts Talitha Getty's jetset gypsyness and Jean Shrimpton's mod model beauty. Granddaughter of the legendary designer Elsa Schiaparelli, fashion runs through Marisa's veins, as evident through her penchant for large ethnic baubles, long patterned maxidresses, crazy headgear, and those wild flowing brunette locks. One of the few successful models-turned-actors, the one constant in Marissa's life was her incredible style appeal. I can't wait to get my Berenson on!

Title: from "Ladies of the Canyon" (Joni Mitchell)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

summer romance

This is my first attempt at personal style photos, and I am going to offer up a disclaimer: I am not trés chic. I enjoy fashion, but I do not fancy myself to be a bohemian Glamourai, nor a gal who can dive into a Sea of Shoes (though, in all honesty, I could dive into my shoe collection... it's just not as enviable as that of my fellow Texan). I love photography, but I'm never done selfies so please don't judge the (low) quality of my pictures. Hopefully I'll improve in time. 

I found this fantastic white macramé fringe piece, dubbed the 'Gypsy Rose' vest, by Winter Kate during a recent visit to Neiman Marcus (the vest can be purchased here). Nicole Richie (the designer of the line) has an excellent 70s style and her penchant for vintage-inspired looks is perfectly channeled into her clothing line. 
I paired the vest (which I took the liberty of spinning around like a six-year-old in) with a red paisley tunic from Winter Kate's debut collection. It's not visible in the photos, but the tunic has a super deep v-neck so a camisole and clever styling is necessary in order to maintain my modesty. I love the tunic's light billowy feel made from vintage silk, the long drape-y sleeves, and the rough unfinished edges at the cuffs and hem. 
With the two Winter Kate pieces, I completed the look with a pair of my beloved Hue jeggings, some trusty chandelier earrings in colors of pink and red, and a pair of Deco-inspired shoes by Minna Parikka. I love the combination of red, purple, dusty rose, muted gold, and chocolate brown - it is so romantic and summery to me. The overall look was inspired by the 70s-meets-30s soft photography of David Hamilton, whose models are always the embodiment of vintage and modern. With the 70s-inspired bohemian Winter Kate pieces, with the Deco-style shoes and modern-day jeggings, the look was aimed to reference both past and present. I wanted the colors to reflect the romance of seventies summers. 

I am still in the process of figuring out what I want to do with my hair. A couple of months ago I took the plunge and darkened my blonde locks so that I could try the ombré look. After almost six months, I think I am ready to try something new - I'm not sure if I want to go back to full-on blonde (so boring to me after twenty towheaded years) or try a redder strawberry blonde, or something completely wild altogether - like peroxide Debbie Harry blonde or something. 
My hair is naturally wavy, and I lucked out that the waves were somewhat presentable that day. I've become less and less of a fan of brushing my hair over the years, which usually isn't the best on days my hair looks full-on Carrie Bradshaw during the early years (... and I've learned from personal experience what works on SJP doesn't necessarily work on little old me). One of my favorite looks for my hair is to twist the front pieces back and clip on the sides of my head - it's incredibly easy to do and it looks so cute, and it has helped me out on many occasions when I simply don't know what to do with my still-growing-out fringe. Plus, I think it looks better as the day goes on and pieces begin the fall out of the clips - it looks so effortless and hippie fab. 

So, what do you think? Should I continue with personal style posts, or should I abandon this fashion foray? Is there any missing - or have I rambled on too much? I would love any and all feedback, except comments that one eye is smaller than the other. I am already paranoid about that. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the water’s warm and children swim, and we frolicked about in our summer skin

Confession: I hate the ocean. Well, that's to say I don't like to actually go in the ocean, but I love the ocean itself. It's gorgeous. It's just that the idea of running around half-naked, splashing around in water that has god knows what kind of trash and waste in it, all the while getting an inevitable and unwanted sunburn, leaves a lot to be desired for me. I suppose you - or Bobby Darin - could say that I am 'beyond the sea' in that sense. I no longer have that desire bred during childhood to spend my days building sand castles, or scouting for jellyfish, or digging my heels in the sand in hopes of some au natural pedicure (which would wreak havoc on my bright pink pedicure). I've moved past it. I'm now content to simply look at pictures of the beach - and my skin (and toes!) have thanked me for it. 

Vintage beauties enjoy their time on the shore - props to the gals wearing heels in the sand (it must be quite a workout for your calves!)

Whether on vacation with Mel Ferer or filming scenes for her relationship drama Two For the Road (what a hard day's work to build sand castles with Albert Finney!), Audrey Hepburn somehow always manages to look chic

Jane Fonda looks gorgeously tanned while posing in the sand

The Beatles took the Bahamas by storm (no pun intended) in Help!

French actress Françoise Dorléac splashes on the shore

Brigitte Bardot made a splash (yes, pun intended) at Cannes in 1953, and enjoys some fun in the sun years later with Alain Delon and other friends

Elizabeth Taylor, in her famous white swimsuit in 1958's Suddenly, Last Summer, set the hearts of millions of men on fire - she sported a similar look in an MGM publicity shot earlier in the decade

Montgomery Clift, Alain Delon (driving alongside a guiding Bella Darwin), Hugh Hefner, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant (arm-in-arm with wife Betsy Drake), and John F. Kennedy enjoy some R&R under the sun

Edie Sedgwick has some fun in the water, sporting all the hippest fashions in plaid maxidresses and miniskirts with matching hats

Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair looks elegant in her tan and white outfit that almost blends into the sand

This lovely photo collection of Grace Kelly on a beach was done by the princess's personal favorite photographer Howell Conant 

Grace Kelly, captured by Conant as well as her frequent collaborator Alfred Hitchcock in scenes from the French Riviera caper To Catch a Thief 

The beautiful Isabel Lucas

Jane Birkin was often seen spending time with Serge (photographing her himself on the docks in Cannes, walking along the shoreline, and playing in the sand) as well as her children on the beach

I have this odd collection of photographs of Alfred Hitchcock acting goofy (it's actually quite an extensively collection!), but I think these photos of Hitch on the beach -taken by François Gragnon - take the cake

Only a brave woman - like Françoise Hardy - would dare to bare her legs in a white miniskirt on the beach (seriously, I hate the sand)

Amanda Seyfried in Teen Vogue 

It's no surprise Jean Shrimpton would get a round of cheers from those guys in the middle photo - whether in a swimsuit or ballgown, she's pretty fantastic

Joan Crawford uses Douglas Fairbanks as her own personal beach chair

In both of the Vanity Fair cover stories that Lindsay Lohan has appeared, the photo shoots have centered around beach themes. In this 2006 issue, the spirit was in keeping with the va-va-voom bombshell beauty of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot

The 2010 V.F. issue had Lohan channeling more of a Grace Kelly feel, with sleekly curled hair, softer makeup, and classic all-American clothes in whites, pinks, and navy blues

Marisa Berenson goes to any length to avoid dreaded tan lines in 1971

The Darling Julie Christie poses on a boat in the film of the same name, as well as in a 60s photo shoot (in the middle picture)

Mick and Marianne on vacation in San Remo in 1966, their first high-profile public outing as a couple

Only the fabulous Veruschka could be this beach-ready (seriously - gold bikini bottoms and see-through bodysuit-caftan hybrid? Only V could get away with it)

Models like Ingrid Boulting (in the red bikini) and a pre-film actress Anjelica Huston (sharing champagne while canoodling with a man on the cover of Vogue) make the beach look chic - if I was guaranteed I would look an inch this glam, then this would be an oceanic experience I could support

Jean Seberg takes a break on the French Riviera set of Bonjour Tristesse

Modern-day celebrities - including Katy Perry, Emma Roberts, Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber - have fun in the swim and sand

Despite her lifelong fear of water, Natalie Wood was brave enough to don a bikini on more than a couple occasions

George and Pattie on the beaches of Barbados on their honeymoon in 1966, looking adorably in love but also highlighting how times have a-changed (it's funny how George's shorts are skimpier than Pattie's ... a total reversal nowadays)

Title: from "Summer Skin" (Death Cab for Cutie)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sometimes it gets so confusing that i don't know where i am, but i always know who i'm with, i'm with the band

Last night, I went to go see Beirut perform. In addition to reigniting my unexplainably overwhelming desire to learn to play the accordion (I have no clue where this burning passion comes from, but oh how I wish I could have that level of finger dexterity) because seriously Perrin Cloutier is like the Hendrix of accordionists, seeing a band perform that incredibly reminded me of what it must have been like to be Bebe, Sable, Uschi and co. in the Seventies.
Everyone at the show was so into the music, just swaying to the beat, and incredibly absorbed by the guys on stage. And let me tell you, the boys in Beirut are total dreamboats. And while I do not pursue the same intimate relations as the groupie girls of yesteryear, I can completely understand the desire to. This is my ode to the girls who loved music as much as I do, but with plenty more self-confidence and seductive skills!
Here are some of my favorite girls, as well as some of my favorite looks from past and present that help me get in the groupie mindset:

I hope it's not sacrilege to feature Sapphire as opposed to Penny - but Sapph's edgy black lace, tangles of necklaces, and red velvet pieces are so inspiring to me right now

"We are not groupies. Groupies sleep with rock stars because they wanna be near someone famous. We're here because of the music. We inspire the music. We are band aides." - Penny Lane, Almost Famous

Chris O'Dell has the perfect rocker girl hair - equal parts frizzy, curly and supremely cool 

I wish I knew who this girl is - she's incredibly beautiful

The inspiration for Miss Penny Lane: Bebe Buell

"As far as the groupie tag, I don't believe the word means now what it did in the '60s and '70s ... The innocence that once surrounded the word has been replaced by an almost 'anything goes' mentality. I'm sure it is an insult to girls like Pamela Des Barres, Cynthia Plaster Caster, and the GTO's - who coined it - to be lumped in the same category as women who sleep with anyone associated with a band or crew. That is not what a groupie is, in the old-fashioned sense ... The music was, and is, the most important thing to a true groupie of days." - Bebe Buell

I love the New York Dolls (as pictured here in Creem Magazine) but I would never lay down on a sidewalk for them or any band ... sidewalks are dirty and I am vain

"Being a real groupie is a talent on its own, and not one that can be performed by just anyone. Sex, while an important part of the groupie experience, is only one facet of the whole picture. A true groupie has a deep connection both to the music and the dimension in which musicians exist when they are performing. Rock and roll is a ritual and groupies are the high priestesses." - Pamela Des Barres

The GTOs are legends in the groupie world; individual photos on the bottom row are of Miss Pamela, Miss Sparky, and Miss Christine - only a small sampling of the colorful characters who made up this 60s/70s supergroup

"When I was a young girl, I used to look at Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg and think those girls were gorgeous. I used to think, Jesus, they are so free. They are so wild-looking. These must be the girls that the guys write the songs about. These must be the girls that make the whole fucking thing tick. That was before they called girls 'groupies'." - Bebe Buell

Lou Doillon and Lizzy Jagger channel the styles from their parents' scene in pure seventies chic - minidresses in wild prints, sky-high heels, long unkempt locks and tons of eyeliner and bangles

A mix of some of the most legendary girls who ran the Sunset Strip: Sable Starr, Lori Maddox, Queenie Glam, and Karen Umphrey - all sporting very enviable platform heels

The bewitchingly beautiful Tina Aumont

"I'm a bit of a groupie." - Jerry Hall

A major figure in the German student movement of 1968, as well as romancer of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Jimi Hendrix, Uschi Obermaier is such a fascinating figure in both rock music and social activism

The incredible Charlotte Martin in a kaleidoscope of colors - light pink flowers on her hat, purple-y blue cape, and red tights

"Groupies are incredibly passionate spirits." - Pamela Des Barres

Some of my favorite looks I want to channel at the next show I attend: Raquel Zimmermann (who reminds me a lot of Debbie Harry in that picture), two pairs of fab models, Anita Pallenberg in a feather boa, Marianne Faithfull in her famous Motorcycle leather bodysuit, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in garters and fur, a true groupie in a great headscarf, Debbie Harry in black belts and neckerchief

Title: from "I'm With the Band" (Little Big Town)