Sunday, July 31, 2011

i'm double, i'm single, i'm black, blue and grey

In an effort to vary my outfits from day to day, I want to do more outfit posts so that I'm pressured to create different looks. I know it can't be a daily venture, nor should it considering that it would kind of divert from the focus of this blog, which is first and foremost a celebration of retro women, style, and films. But still, that won't stop me from sharing my outfit on this very lazy Sunday. 

Fringe lace kimono jacket is by ark & co. I bought from Nasty Gal (the one I bought is currently unavailable, but a similar style is available for only $68). Cut-off denim shorts are Levi's 501 Roll-Up style. I'm also wearing a grey Elizabeth and James Mondrian t-shirt - and seriously, it's the softest tee I've ever worn. My grey wedges are by Coclico and are available here, or in blueberry over at Anthropologie's site. And my large beaded necklace is from Urban Outfitters. 

I love the fringe on this super-lightweight jacket. As you can see, I've worn it so many times the rose-patterned lace is beginning to wear out!

Title: from a riddle I still don't understand...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

on the beach you'll find them there in the sun and salty air, the girls on the beach

I am gearing up for a trip to the beach next week and I've gotten to thinking about how to survive the ocean. As I've said before I hate the ocean, but this time I'll be there with some friends from university so I'm going to buck up and give the beach a second try. While in the process of doing that, I've started contemplating my beach essentials. 
1. Retro-inspired swimsuits like this one from ModCloth, the 'Bathing Beauty' two-piece in black. I own this swimsuit, as well as the 'Beach Blanket Bingo' one-piece in black with white polka-dots and its two-piece version in red.
2. A wide-brimmed floppy straw hat to keep your eyes and skin shaded from those damaging sun rays.
3. A speaker to play music - I am partial to the Yuen'to Balloon USB portable speaker because it reminds me of a clown's nose. Also the sound is incredible.
4. A good book, like Françoise Sagan's Bonjour Tristesse, which I currently have stashed away in my bag.
5. Cute straw beach bags like this one from Tory Burch.
6. A good sunscreen - I love this Kiehl's Super Fluid formula because it doesn't pill like a lot of other sunblocks out there. And with an SPF of +50 I feel confident that I'm getting good protection.
7. A couple of pairs of oversized sunglasses - the bigger, the better I say! So these sunnies by House of Harlow 1960 more than fit the bill.

Do you have any summertime beach essentials? 

Title: "Girls on the Beach" (Beach Boys)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

childhood living is easy to do

Though he once sang about "what a drag it is getting old" Mick Jagger doesn't seem to mind getting on in years without one of 'mother's little helpers.' Today is Mick's 68th birthday, but that doesn't matter - he's still hotter than rock stars half his age. Seriously - I'm not the only one saying that, which means it's a scientific fact. 

Honestly, I'd hit that. 

Title: from "Wild Horses" (The Rolling Stones)

pretty in pink, isn't she?

The other day I went on a shopping excursion to one of Dallas' premier vintage boutiques, Ahab Bowen. AB is unfortunately going out of business, which is quite bittersweet for me - I love the store to pieces and I am sad to see it go, but I can't resist the insane sales that they've been having the last few days as they clear out their merch. 
I don't know why, but I went totally Molly Ringwald and wore majority pink - which isn't a bad thing. Andie Walsh was a fashion icon! White tank top and pink dolman top are from Forever 21 - they are surprisingly super soft and have held up in the wash without pilling (I let the dolman top airdry, as I do not want a crop top). Brown leather wooden heels from Madewell. Pink blazer is by Audrey 3+1 (also, light blue available at LuLu*s) and has really great scrunched-up sleeves, which is good for a gal like me whose elbows are not cooperative with such sleeve-scrunching matters. Dark wash jeggings are by Sold Design Lab, and have a very convincing denim feeling to them - I think they are my favorite jeggings to date (and I am a jegging aficionado, as my friends know). They are called the "Spring Street Skinny" which is a pretty fab name, and are apparently 'pull on jeans' - not jeggings. My mistake. 
I purchased the necklace years ago in a market in Paris - it's relatively simple and light, which I like about it. It's not too often that I like subtlety in my jewelry. Same with the earrings - I bought them when I was in the seventh grade and they are probably the smallest earrings that I own. 
As usual, I wore my rose gold Cartier Love bracelet, and paired it with a 'Karma' bracelet by Skova Soul and an intricately designed knuckle 'Skylight' ring by Free People. 

These are some of my goodies from Ahab Bowen - a big Kenneth Jay Lane-inspired snake bangle and a glittery over-the-top snake ring. I've been on a snake kick lately - well, I've been on one for years, but it's really flared up this summer. I have to do a post on my absurd collection of serpent jewelry. 
Anyone in the Dallas area ought to stop by Ahab Bowen while they still can - the store closes its doors and takes down its feather boas on Sunday. AB is restocking everyday so there are always more gems to find. If you miss out this week but still want to see some Ahab Bowen goods after Sunday, Dolly Python will be carrying the remainder of the store's merchandise in their store with the label marked 'AB.' 

Title: from "Pretty in Pink" (The Psychedelic Furs)
* I did not choose this song to reference because I think I look pretty and want you to agree ... it's literally the only song I could think of that talks about the color pink * 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

lay lady lay, lay across my big brass bed

I love the idea of spending lazy weekend afternoons laying all day in my bed, swallowed by my mass of pillows and blankets. I am a summertime bum, and I lounge in my sleepwear all day like it's my job. Apparently I have a few tricks to learn from these glam vixens, who make laying in a swath of pillows an art

A model for Biba looks her vamp finest 

Genius use of the tiger rug as a blanket over the coach - and I want that marabou-and-silk robe, and that long cigarette holder (and I don't even smoke!)

I love Brittany Murphy's penthouse in Uptown Girls

Penelope Tree looks divine in her equally as divine surrounding 

The 'fabulous destiny' of Amélie apparently also included the coolest digs in all of the 18th arrondissement

From Urban Outfitters' latest catalog - minus the orgy-like setting, I want everything that's in this photo

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart lay outside in style - and quite literally In Style 

A scene from Emmanuelle 

Lauren Hutton is in model form in these gorgeous dresses and chairs

There is nothing I do not covet in this photo of Louise Ebel 

Mia Farrow matches - or clashes, depending on who you ask - with this flowery red couch in an equally as much floral frock

Sylvia Kristel - star of Emmanuelle - rivals her own onscreen photo in this mass of pillows and lace

Nicky Samuel matches dress to rug to tapestry to perfection while modeling Ossie Clark

Stripped down, chrome and glowing, Olivia Wilde is va-va-voom in Tron: Legacy

Peggy Lipton reviews scripts and snuggles up in a knit blanket for Life Mag

Tina Aumont, captured in all her bohemian glory in a home movie

I want all of Peggy Moffitt's pillows here - she wouldn't mind, would she?

Jane Birkin - a goddess in furs

Truman Capote in his glam apartment 

Title: from "Lay Lady Lay" (Bob Dylan)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspired By ... Anita Pallenberg's Plume Hat

It's no surprise that in the time between when I wrote my previous post on Littledoe and now that I have more crazily obsessed with the line. After posting, I couldn't resist cruising on over to all areas of the site - all the headpieces, hats, crystals, and vintage. Everything is to die for. I couldn't help but notice a particular hat among Chase Cohl's creations, thinking to myself, "hey that looks a lot like a hat Anita Pallenberg wore." Lo and behold when I clicked on the link, the $450 ostrich feather-and-black velvet head-turner was called 'the Anita Hat.'
Tell me that this hat doesn't capture the essence of the style that Anita wore to the Yellow Submarine premiere in the late sixties ... go one, I dare you! The middle pic is of Chase herself in the creation, and the one to the far left is from the lookbook - both look smashing, and aren't too similar to Anita's to change their looks from inspiration to imitation. Though, if you're going to follow someone's look to a T, it might as well be one of the most notoriously fashionable women of the last half century.

be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

I recently rediscovered these collages I made almost two years ago (!) of the precious headwear line, Littledoe is Love. The designer is Chase Cohl, who I've been girl-crushing on ever since I saw her precious flat on The Selby; she creates these gorgeously luxe one-of-a-kind headdresses that have been seen on the likes of style goddesses Erin Wasson and Theodora Richards.
Concentrating on hippie staples like feathers, flowers, beads and precious stones, Chase creates romantic bohemian styles fit for a flower children and fashion models alike. Of course, since each headpiece is custom-made it comes with a pricetag of $250-$400 - but its worth it for such incredible craftsmanship. I'm thinking about getting one for a beachy wedding ceremony I'm attending at the end of the summer because, well, honestly I'm dying for an excuse to get one!
If actually rocking this hippie look is not in your cards (or wallet), I advise you take a few moments to just check out the Littledoe site for inspiration from Chase's lookbooks. The lookbooks are full of polaroid-style photos of gorgeous rich-hippie girls running around the woods and open fields in great floaty dresses paired with heavy furs, topping off their impossibly long luscious locks with exquisite headgear, in true boho-babe fashion. The Littledoe line is full of great D.I.Y.-ideas, and I am feeling inspired to create a little 'love' of my own!

Title: from "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)" (Scott McKenzie) 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inspired By ... Jane Birkin's Casual Parisian Chic

Can't afford a Birkin bag but still a dying to look like the style icon and renowned Hermès muse? Check out this to-die-for ankle-length coat by BB Dakota. With its wide lapels and double row of buttons, this delicious coat is strikingly similar to the one Jane sported on a casual walk with Serge many years ago. 
I love the length of the coat - only a peep of the ankle and a pair of killer shoes will be visible when this is all buttoned up. So much outerwear out there is mid-calf or above, as if designers are afraid to make coats too long. If you wear this jacket, you dare to not bare much skin ... which is a statement all its own these days. To all my Birkin babes out there, this is the piece for you this fall! Button up the coat, pop the collar, slip on your black boots, and grab your wicker basket (and your hot Frenchman!) and stroll the streets in this understated statement-maker! 
The Dedrick Coat by BB Dakota is available at for a stylish $121 (it's also available in camel, if you want to go more of a Ali MacGraw-circa-Love Story route). 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

kiss me 'til you're drunk and i'll show you all the moves like jagger, i've got the moves like jagger

Why? Because Mick dances like no other.
Also because I've got the whistle hook of this song stuck in my head.
Images from (Diet) Coke and Sympathy, iorr, Tumblr, 
Title: from "Moves Like Jagger" (Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera) 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

yeah i like you, and i'm feeling so bohemian like you

My good friend and fellow blogstress Melissa of Glamoretta and I attended the opening of Club Monaco's first concept boutique (this is for ladies only) in the West Village neighborhood of Dallas last week. The event was hosted by Jane and Judy Aldridge of Sea of Shoes and Atlantis Home, respectively. We looked around at CM's new collection - a gorgeous compilation of sandy-hued dresses, skirts, and blazers - as well as the store's display of vintage sunglasses, jewelry (chosen by designer Vanessa Mooney), Moroccan tote bags, and vintage Chanel purses. The vintage pieces were hand-selected by CM's vintage curator Selima Salaun, who has the most enviable job in the world (imagine being paid to scour French flea markets for fashionable finds). 
It was fun to roam around the store with some of Dallas's most fashionable - I even spotted girls who I went to school with years ago who are now on the social scene!

I wore a dolman-sleeved buttondown by Brandy Melville, tying it at the bottom to show-off the cool layover detailing of my navy blue high-wisted trousers by 3.1 Phillip Lim. My heels and long-strap chain handbag are both by Madewell. My turquoise and feather-charm necklace is from The Gypsy Wagon, which I matched with a silver feather cuff from Free People that I wore as a bangle. I wore a bunch of other bracelets as well, including my rose gold Cartier Love bracelet, snake-faced brass 'Karma' bracelets by Skova Soul, and Ferragamo black leather wraparound bracelet. I also wore my favorite Deco ring and a gold vermeil hammered ring by Soixante Neuf, and Fool's Gold earrings from Urban Outfitters. 
Also (because I know that you all care!) I darkened my hair a bit by adding a bit of red so that it's more strawberry blonde, or what my good friend Liz calls 'blinge'. I like it a lot - it's different from what I expected, but I'm almost glad that it's not too much of a change because I am freaking out over this super-subtle difference. 
According to her blog, Melissa is sporting a Madewell jumpsuit with a vintage pendant necklace, coral lace bra from Urban Outfitters, and grey PVC sandals by Givenchy. 

* Pictures courtesy of Glamoretta

Title: from "Bohemian Like You" (The Dandy Warhols) 

Monday, July 18, 2011

do ya wanna touch, do ya wanna touch, do ya wanna touch me there?

One of the reasons I wish I was alive during the sixties was so that I could so many wonderful decade-centric films that are practically impossible to find nowadays. (Apparently modern movie studios think that we don’t want to see the cult classics of Swinging London. Bitter? Yes.)
Thanks to my university library and our impressive Film & Media Studies department, I’ve been able to watch hard-to-find classics like Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?, Candy, and Wonderwall (even letting me writing a term research paper on Performance).  
Still, there is a laundry list of films I still haven’t seen: Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London and Reflections on Love (starring Jenny Boyd), and currently at the top of my list, The Touchables. I was so excited when I came across this post on the film on the fabby blog theredtelephone. She recommended watching the film on Youtube, which some saint out there had uploaded a while back. But of course, as luck would have it, the Youtube links are no longer working. I went on a mission through various not-so-legal routes to try to find the film, even contemplating/reasoning the risk of a virus on my computer in order to download a sketchy copy of it. I know, I am a shame to all other film students!
I am currently trying to patch together the film through various, disconnected clips online. From what I have gathered, the film explores sex and sexuality in the similarly taboo-meets-camp way of many other Swinging London movies. As for the plot: four ridiculously beautiful and stylish British dollies kidnap a rock star and 'torture' him with lovemaking. Suffice to say, the Touchables thrives more on visuals than content. 
The film, written by Donald Cammell, the genius behind Performance, and directed by Beatles' photographer Robert Freeman, stars a cast of lovelies including Monika Ringwald, Esther Anderson, Kathy Simmonds (who briefly dated George Harrison - you can read about it here), and Judy Huxtable. It has the gorgeously random film style of Wonderwall and Blowup, and the gorgeously mod darlings to act out in the scenery. 
The only readily-available part of the film is its soundtrack, downloadable on Amazon. It's great - full of swinging tunes and a great cover of Good Day Sunshine. 

Visuals gathered from: Martin Klasch, Listal, Mubi, Blue Sunshine, A Man Out of TimeTitle: from "Do You Wanna Touch Me" (Joan Jett ... technically Gary Glitter, but I like Joan more) 

Check it out: Marianne Faithfull in Spinner

Our favorite Miss X did an interview with Spinner, in which she discusses her new album, working with Lou Reed and Metallica, her appearance in Keith Richards' Life, and her take on her role as a sex symbol. She even puts to rest the public's fascination with her famous relationships, saying, "I don't like being associated with drugs and Mick Jagger - it's the association I don't like ... People change. I know the media can't accept that, but, between you and me, they do change." 
It's a great interview - Marianne is always one for exciting and insightful conversations, and she doesn't disappoint. 
Check it out here

Images from: (Diet) Coke and Sympathy, Tumblr, 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

oh my, my, oh hell yes, honey put on that party dress

During a routine stalking/wishlisting of Topshop's clothing collection, I came across this trend of dressing like a 60's Dollybird in fantastically bright swingy shift dresses. I love the great flower detailing at the end of the sleeves and dress hem, as well as the fun beachiness of the crocheted dresses. Personally, I am partial to the orange and blue shift dresses, but I am tempted to get all of them! Who could resist a dress that looks like it came out of the closets of Jane Asher and Jean Shrimpton?!
Snag one here

Title: from "Mary Jane's Last Dance" (Tom Petty)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

tenderoni you've got to be, spark my nature, sugar fly with me

"This is the new British girl. Observe her. She is a novel phenomenon." 
So begins the introduction by Anthony Haden-Guest - a glorious outpouring of praise and adoration for these girls that epitomized a particular time, place, and moment in history. Haden-Guest explains that who this girl is: "She is Loyal, also Fickle, Obstinate, Gentle, Suspicious and Trusting. Also Sharp and Feckless, Realistic and Fantastic beyond belief. Just as in the horoscopes, which she never fails to read, make your character diagnosis, and it will seem to fit. Until you diagnose the opposite, and that fits too." 

"There are no rules, only exceptions. Except that the British girl is suddenly the most attractive, the most desirable, the most startling girl in the world. This is a rule, and an exceptional one.
She is a new animal, a shock genetic mutation, and she has appeared everywhere, like a new model of car, or an epidemic, or the flowers in the Spring."

"But there is, of course, a reason for everything. A new animal must be observed in its environment, and especially in this case when the British girl has exploded into a radically altered environment, which she has created, or which created her, or whatever, and which has become known as the London Scene. The Scene ... an exhausted phrase now, an adman's phrase like Image. The Image of London, the London Scene, both phrases over-used, almost to death, but always resurrected, because they are irreplaceable. There is a new way of life, and these girls are part of it.
The new girl belongs to this moment in time, and only this one." 

Pattie Boyd
"Pattie Boyd always looks on the brink of being startled by something utterly fantastic. The eyes and mouth are assuming delicate saucer shapes. The blood is about to rush from a milky and tremulous face. She has already been startled, by a precipitous success as a model, and she startled everybody else by marrying a Beatle, George Harrison, the lean one who is trying to master the Indian sitar. What more utterly fantastic things can life hold?"

Charlotte Rampling
"Apparently without trying much, she is maintaining an impressive rising graph, from toting a guitar around Spain, through modelling, to acting. There was a flash of a scene in The Knack and quite a slice of Georgy Girl - two crucial movies of the new London - and now onwards. In Georgy Girl she portrayed a Swinger, 'a really vile and hard sort of woman' in her own words. But everybody calls her Charly." 

Sue Murray
"Sue Murray is a model, and one of the bright lights of the post-Shrimpton wave. She is one of the moxt successful in Britain, or, for that matter, the United States, where she works constantly. Why? John d Green says that she doesn't have to work at it - she just stands there. She is the perfectly natural girl." 

Title: from "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" (Michael Jackson)