Monday, July 4, 2011

fill me with song, allah, kiss me once more, that i may, that i may wear my love like heaven

I always knew that the readers of DRG were special little dollies - everyone I've spoken to, emailed with, and blog-stalked has a passion for the retro, the beautiful, the impractical, the magical, the bohemian, and the glamorous. Imagine my excitement when I opened my message inbox this morning to see emails of links on museum exhibits (ooh la la McQueen à la MoMA), concerts, and interviews with glamazons like Debbie Harry and Florence Welch. A special merci to a certain fabulous San Franciscan who thought of moi when she saw a piece in the Los Angeles Times. 

The piece is on Pattie Boyd and her upcoming photography exhibit on Catalina Island. As it turns out, Catalina holds a spot close to Pattie's heart. A recent rediscovery of photographs from early 1971 contained images of Pattie's first-hubby George Harrison deep-sea fishing off of Catalina just weeks prior to his landmark Concert for Bangladesh event. 
I am definitely diggin' this article because it captures the dreamy sweetness and loveliness that Pattie was so known for. The article says, as follows, "Boyd gazed at those photos with her cornflower blue eyes. She broke into the slightly gap-toothed smile that made her stand out among the other models of her era and reflected on the image ... She sighed and added: 'We were all so young and beautiful.'" 
Her last comment is such a definitive statement of the sixties - it was a decade when everyone was young and beautiful, a collection of multi-colored dream children walking so high they didn't touch the ground. Despite what she thinks - and despite the passing of years and youth - Pattie is still incredibly beautiful. 

Check out the article here, as well as a sneak peek at Pattie exhibit  

Title: from "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" (Donovan)