Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspired By ... Anita Pallenberg's Plume Hat

It's no surprise that in the time between when I wrote my previous post on Littledoe and now that I have more crazily obsessed with the line. After posting, I couldn't resist cruising on over to all areas of the site - all the headpieces, hats, crystals, and vintage. Everything is to die for. I couldn't help but notice a particular hat among Chase Cohl's creations, thinking to myself, "hey that looks a lot like a hat Anita Pallenberg wore." Lo and behold when I clicked on the link, the $450 ostrich feather-and-black velvet head-turner was called 'the Anita Hat.'
Tell me that this hat doesn't capture the essence of the style that Anita wore to the Yellow Submarine premiere in the late sixties ... go one, I dare you! The middle pic is of Chase herself in the creation, and the one to the far left is from the lookbook - both look smashing, and aren't too similar to Anita's to change their looks from inspiration to imitation. Though, if you're going to follow someone's look to a T, it might as well be one of the most notoriously fashionable women of the last half century.