Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Lovin' Linkful

Great advice on how to find your style trademark and why we all need one - yes, you too! (College Fashion)

If you're like me and can't get enough Adele, check out this makeup tutorial inspired by Miss Rolling in the Deep. (BreBeauty

This article promises (and delivers!) clothes that will make you look like a 70s-era Ali MacGraw. (The Gloss)

How to wear skinny jeans if you have big thighs. Yes I have already bookmarked this. Twice. (The Budget Fashionista

Explore yoga-lover and goddess of mindfulness Kimberly Wilson's podcasts, site, and blog to find your inner tranquilista. (Tranquility du jour

If you're in a funky funk like I am and are looking for a fresh start, check out The Happiness Project and start your own today! (The Happiness Project)  

The best recipe how to make adorable little pies. (Not Martha)  

Finally! The secrets of good - nay, great - skin. (Doe Deere)

And if the above tips aren't enough, here are tips and tricks from Hollywood's top dermatologists and facialists. (Allure)  

Is Emily Post still the be-all, end-all of etiquette? This article delves into this issue in a funny, charming way. (LemonDrop)

A fabby flapper dictionary. (How About We

"16 and Well-Adjusted." Genius, genius, genius. (Crushable

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