Sunday, February 12, 2012

the game of elevens

I was tagged by Julie of the girl with kaleidoscope eyes to complete something called The Game of Elevens. Thankfully, eleven is one of the few odd numbers that I like, so I decided to participate.

Here are the rules:
1) You must re-post these rules
2) Round One: post eleven random things about yourself
3) Round Two: answer the questions the tagger posed to you in their post
4) Round Three: create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer
5) Tag people and go to their blog and tell them that they've been tagged for the game

Round One
1) I have six piercings, all in my ears.
2) My favorite war is World War II.
3) I have an obsession with lingerie and retro undergarments. Today I found the website What Katie Did and I am obsessed with the idea of getting a pair of high-waisted knickers and a bullet bra.
4) A dream of mine would be to develop, produce, and star in a biopic on Jean Seberg.
5) I believe in black magic and the occult.
6) Much of my 2011 was focused on finding the perfect kimono bed jacket.
7) In my mind, I am best friends with Kanye West.
8) Because I can't access The Daily Show on Hulu in the UK, I know considerably (and ashamedly) less about current events.
9) I am tragically uncool in most walks of life.
10) Try as I might, I can't whistle for the life of me.
11) I am contemplating dyeing my hair peroxide Debbie Harry blonde and darkening my eyebrows dark brown, because I've decided that I need a change.

Round Two
1) What do you want to major in when you go to college? 
Well, I am a junior in college and I am a Creative Writing major with a minor in Film and Media Studies.
2) What exactly is in your purse right now? 
An umbrella from the MoMA for that unpredictable London weather, my wallet, my passport (in its obnoxious hot pink leather case), loose pounds and bills, tissues, Dolce Vita lipstick by NARS, Boscia oil-absorbing sheets, a journal for all my thoughts and recollections, and my bright yellow Kate Spade 'Taxi' mittens.
3) What is your favorite movie, book, band, and song? 
I don't really have a favorite movie - I love films too much to choose just one. Though, that being said, Hitchcock's Notorious is a pretty perfect film. I have two favorite books - Faithfull by Marianne Faithfull and Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway. Favorite band would - obviously - be a tie between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. I don't really have a favorite song, but I have a weirdly strong connection to George's moody "Long, Long, Long."
4) What is your least favorite movie, book, band, and song?
I love films of all sorts, so I don't really hate any of them - I guess closest to hate would be not understanding them. I don't understand a lot of avant garde films - they're so confusing to me. Same goes for books, bands, and songs - I tend not to hate them, I just don't 'get' them.
5) What are you wearing right now? 
A vintage ivory slip dress paired with an ivory lace bed jacket from Lily. J and ivory satin ballet flats from Topshop
6) You have five million dollars and three hours to spend it. How do you do it and what do you spend it on? 
I would love to donate a large portion of it and spend the rest paying my parents back for everything they've given me in life, as well as treat them to a few nice things for themselves. I'd keep about $2000 so that I could buy myself a classic Balenciaga bag.
7) What is the last thing you heard? What are the exact words or lyrics? 
"The carrots have kind of mashed themselves."
8) What is your guilty pleasure TV show? Movie? Band / artist? 
Guilty pleasure TV show would have to be really anything that they play on E!, any of the Law and Orders, or Glee. Actually, all of the above. Guilty pleasure movie would have to be something unabashedly girly and probably starring Amanda Seyfried. Guilty pleasure band / artist would have to be Taylor Swift - I lived with girls freshman year of school who adored her, so as a result I know most all of her songs.
9) What is your favorite perfume? 
I own way too much perfume to have a favorite. But currently I am using Tocca's Stella and Boss Orange Sunset. I am eager to pick up a bottle of Penhaligon's Bluebell and I am about to order Child perfume to try out.
10) If you could only do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
I would write - I always feel so much more productive and better about myself after I write, even if it's about nothing. If not that, I would get massages and eat ice cream for the rest of my life.
11) What is your favorite thing to look at? 
My face. Obviously. (Just kidding)

Round Three
1) If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and who makes it (be it your mother or your favorite little diner)? 
2) What is your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe? Favorite piece of jewelry? 
3) What is your go-to karaoke song? 
4) What is your can't-live-without-it beauty product? 
5) Which foreign accent is your favorite? 
6) What song is the soundtrack to your life? 
7) What's the last law that you've broken? 
8) What's the one piece of advice that you can't live without and where did you get it from? 
9) What's your favorite word? Favorite curse word? 
10) What are your thoughts on Ryan Gosling? 
11) Which fellow blogger do you wish you were best friends with in real life?

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JessM said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I really enjoyed this. I think you should go for the Debbie Harry hair btw, she is definitely one of my hair idols. If I only I could pull off blonde!
Thanks so much for nominating me:)!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I loved it! Thanks for doing this :)

It's so cool because I want to do something with English/writing and film studies too! So cool that I'm not the only one :)


Kirby said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I had so much fun doing this instead of my homework! haha thank you for nominating me!

As for London...
Although Primrose hill isn't exactly off the beaten path, I love going there for picnics and relaxing.
Brick Lane for vintage.
In the Camden stables there is this really gorgeous guy who has a tiny shop(in the round area in the center with the suitcases, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about), anyways he has lots of neat things and is a real charmer.
I don't remember where exactly but somewhere in/around SoHo my friend found a book shop and got an old book for 19p(no joke!)

I feel like you probably know about more cool places than I do! :)

Anna Howze said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

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