Monday, March 19, 2012

green earrings, i remember the rings of rare design

Earrings are kind of my thing. I love them - I honestly can't get enough studs, chandeliers, hoops, cuffs, or shoulder-dusters. It's probably no surprise when I tell you that the bigger, the gaudier, the more over-the-top, the heavier, the better. I am obsessed with the idea of wearing giant earrings with everything. I want to be Edie Sedgwick, running around the city in leotards, tights and giant earrings. I really think that Edie started the whole shoulder-duster trend, and once everyone saw how killer it looked they all followed suit. Of course, Edie would have had to purchase her earrings from somewhere, so of course the trend didn't originate with her entirely, but I do believe she is to credit with the rise of the insane earring as an essential part of a gal's accessory collection. 
These are some of my favorite girls in some of the grooviest earrings that I have ever seen:

One of the fiercest models in the history of fashion, Donyale Luna, rocks some serious ear candy

What would a post on statement earrings be without the queen of shoulder-dusters, Edie Sedgwick? Seriously, the girl's collection of chandelier earrings, beaded butterflies, plastic spheres and ethnic hardware is unrivaled by anyone

Lauren Hutton tries her hand - er, ears - at the trend 

Only Vogue would have thought to match one's earrings to their ponytail - what a novel idea

Never one to shy away from daring, statement-making fashions, Marisa Berenson is shown sporting an array of earrings styles on the covers of various fashion mags

Peggy Moffitt tended towards brighter and wilder styles for her accessories

Though primarily known for her earthy hippie child look, Sharon Tate still glammed it up from time to time, wearing giant chandelier earrings like these

 Susan 'Internation Velvet' Bottomly's endless array of statement-making earrings made her the perfect successor to Edie Sedgwick for the position as Andy Warhol's confidante debutante

The 'It' Girl of the sixties Twiggy was always on the forefront of fashion trends, seen rocking earrings that were anywhere as wild as disco balls to mismatched pieces that look like children's toys 

Veruschka knew how to show off her wild accessories to their best advantage - subtly pulling her hair away from her face so that every girl could envy her earrings

Known for her timeless French fashion sense, Catherine Deneuve occasionally tried her hand at wild trends of the sixties 

Jean Shrimpton knows how to rock a pair of killer shoulder-dusters on the cover of Vogue

Title: from "Green Earrings" (Steely Dan)