Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Dolly Rocker Girl's Guide to London: Sweet Places

It's no secret that I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Thankfully, London is home to some of the best sweet parlors and dessert shops that I've had the immense pleasure of visiting. Whether you want a little taste of Paris from Maison Bertaux or Ladurée or want to relive your childhood at Hope and Greenwood, there's a place for everyone to indulge in London.

My Five Favorite Sweet Places:
1. Ladurée (Covent Garden): there are several locations for this famous French dessert house throughout the city, but the Covent Garden location is beautiful and fairly quiet (in comparison to the Ladurée in Harrods). A mix of salted caramel and raspberry macarons is the perfect Sunday treat for myself.
2. Amorino (Soho): this gourmet gelato shop can also be found in Chelsea, but I've only visited the one in Soho. My fave flavors are the chocolate-hazelnut (tastes exactly like Nutella!) and salted caramel. It's simply the best gelato I've ever had!
3. Hope and Greenwood (Covent Garden): an old-fashioned sweet shop specializing in retro candies, Hope and Greenwood is a treat to visit. Visually it's everything you wished a sweet shop would be -- darling and jam-packed with goodies, it's the closest I've found to a real-life Candyland.
4. Maison Bertaux (Soho): Soho's oldest (and best) pâtisserie captures the essence of all things French in a charming and authentic café setting. Come here for yummy pain au chocolat and to check out the gallery inside. 
5. Prestat (near Piccadilly Circus): London's oldest chocolate house is so delicious that it's gained the approval of the Queen mum herself, garnering two Royal Warrants. Prestat is so widespread throughout London that boxes of the chocolate can be found in Waitrose grocery stores.


Dolly the Bird said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My favourites were always Mrs. Kibble's Candy Kitchen in St. Christopher's Place, Marylebone(just pop through the alleyway next to H&M on Oxford Street!). Patisserie Valerie, Marylebone High Street (I used to get my milky Earl Grey and either a Chocolate Croissant or an Apple Almond Tart every morning before uni). And Hummingbird Bakery, either one in Portobello or South Ken (I used to pop to the one in South Ken as a treat to myself after I'd turned in my finals each term...the best cuppy-cakes in London!)

Alexis said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Dolly these are great suggestions! I will need to check out Mrs. Kibble's before I leave!
I love Patisserie Valerie - there's one in the Brunswick Centre near my flat that I visit honestly TOO often! And Hummingbird is delicious - their carrot cake and red velvet cupcakes are scrumptious!