Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Lovin' Linkful

I literally want to make every recipe from this website. (Chow Vegan)

An interesting article about the Rolling Stones and their (very active) sex lives. I for one will certainly be picking up the Christopher Sandford book that this piece was extracted from. (The Daily Mail)

Really sad news - Betsey Johnson filed for bankruptcy. Betsey girls, let band together and help our queen mother out with some great new purchases. (MTV)

A fool-proof guide to dressing for your job or internship this summer. Duly noted. (Refinery29)

If you're ever in the area, check out the exhibition "Innocence and Experience" at the Tate Liverpool, co-curated by Marianne Faithfull and John Dunbar. I know that I am planning a trip before I leave England. (Tate)

Thank you to HelloGiggles writer Meghan, who understands my deep love and respect for Tom Hiddleston. Also, I think calling him 'Hiddlywinks' is a swell idea. (HelloGiggles)

So I am almost five months too late to this party, but I just discovered the "Survivor/I Will Survive" mashup from Glee. New power anthem for my workout playlist? I think yes. (YouTube)

Seven things a twentysomething can do. Embarrassingly enough, I do most all of these things. (Thought Catalog)

I am a young female. Obviously I love One Direction. I am a product of the internet age. Obviously I love memes. Simple enough. (Crushable)

Catch a rare glimpse of stars without their makeup. Disappointingly, they are all still annoyingly beautiful makeup-free. (The Gloss)

Yes! A list of beauty products that my life idol Gwyneth Paltrow uses from English pharmacies. Buying all of them, no questions asked. (Goop)

Check out my Pinterest profile! Follow for my style wants and food cravings. (Pinterest)

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