Saturday, July 21, 2012

come on darling, put a pretty dress on

It certainly wouldn't be any big headline if I said that I am obsessed with fashion. I love clothes, I just do.  Of course I have my favorite designers, like we all do, but I like to think that I am an equal-opportunity buyer when it comes to brands. Rarely am so I taken with a collection that I go to bed at night and dream about the clothes. It's happened once before in recent memory, with Raf Simons' debut collection for Dior, but I am experiencing it again after looking through Kelsey Genna's incredibly lovely online boutique.
Kelsey Genna is a New Zealand-based fashion label run by 20-year-old designer Kelsey. Her label offers hand-crafted frocks that are made to measure for the wearer, as well as a bespoke service where the designer will work with you to make your dream dress. Her pieces are beautiful, very retro but not at all dated or kitschy. It's obvious that she has immense talent and knowledge of past eras, but the way that she is able to translate those style references into modern designs is really amazing. I have included some of my favorite frocks, so to check out more of Kelsey's designs, head over to

Title: from "Dance, Dance, Dance" (Steve Miller Band)


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Al of these are so elegant! The 4th one is my favorite but I love all of them :)

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