Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspired By ... YSL's "Mondrian" Dress

When working on a budget-friendly shopping post, one of the best online destinations you can check out is Forever 21. Whether or not you actually buy stuff from there, it's a good place to start a search because it has so many styles (several hundred - and that's just in the dress section). Looking through the site's offerings, I was immediately struck by this Mod Colorblocked Dress because it reminded me so much of the Mondrian dress by Yves Saint Laurent.
With Forever 21's history of designer knockoff dramas, I wondered if the dress was a deliberate ode to YSL, whose 1965 design was itself a tribute to Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. It does seem that way, in part at least - Forever 21 is lending credit to the era that YSL's dress came out of by calling it the 'Mod' dress. Though the colors aren't exactly the same and the F21 dress is bodycon while the YSL number is a shift dress, the similarities are really remarkable. Priced at under $20, the F21 dress is quite a bargain compared to Yves Saint Laurent's design, which is now considered art (the Met has one!)