Monday, August 27, 2012

i'll be glad to have a date that doesn't grow on a tree, a date that's not history

I really adore this March 1966 photo shoot for Seventeen Magazine by John Cowan that features Pattie Boyd on a series of dates with young, charming and successful young men (none of whom being shaggy-haired soulful guitarists). From actors and artists to interior designers and writers, Pattie poses with every lust-worthy mid-sixties gentleman in a variety of fashions by Alberoy and Mary Quant. The editorial has long been one of my favorites because of how fun the settings are and how vibrant the clothes look, but looking at it again reignited something simple in me - the desire for a date. I can't tell you the last time I went out on a good and proper date. I don't need to go racing in a sports car with George Drummond or be sketched by William Feilding, as Pattie is seen here doing. Just a walk in the rain would be nice. And if the guy was as adorable as Tom Courtenay, I too would let him stand under my umbrella. Ella, ella.

Title: from "In Between" (Judy Garland)