Tuesday, September 18, 2012

and all of these emotions of mine keep holding me from giving my life to a rainbow like you

Forty-two years ago today, Jimi Hendrix passed away. In the years since his death, his legacy as a seminal guitarist, an icon of the bohemian movement and as a counterculture figure has only grown. I'm not being very unique when I list Jimi as one of my favorite artists -- but it's okay. If having 'predictable' taste in music means that I like listening to one of the all-around greatest rock artists in history, then I'm glad that I'm predictable. There's a reason why Jimi's influence is so mainstream: it's because his work is worth it. His music is beyond explanation, beyond my own trivial recommendations and opinions. All I can say is that I hope  everyone listens to a little Jimi today and remember an artist bold as love. 

Title: from "Bold As Love" (Jimi Hendrix)