Friday, September 21, 2012

Interview: Stone_Cold_Fox

I recently had the chance to talk to the lovely ladies from Stone_Cold_Fox, one of absolute favorite clothing lines. SCF is a California-based line that offers pieces that are simultaneously beachy-cool, innocent and sweet, and badass rock'n'roller. Their collections have this wonderfully retro feel that I adore, and whenever I wear one of their pieces I feel like I ought to be on the arm of a 1973-era Jimmy Page or in the recording studio with Serge Gainsbourg. After my chat with these foxes, I feel like we are kindred spirits. Read on for their style philosophy, inspiration and must-haves and see my fave looks from their most recent collection.

I've read that the name for your brand came from the movie The Virgin Suicides when Josh Hartnett's character refers to Kirsten Dunst's character as a "stone cold fox." Besides Lux Lisbon, who is the ultimate stone cold fox? If one person doesn't exist, what traits are in the ideal SCF?
We would probably say Jane Birkin, she's the ultimate stone cold fox. We like to view the SCF girl as a free-spirited, hopeless romantic who travels a lot, doesn't try too hard with style, effortlessly beautiful, likes to be original and timeless at the same time.

I'm a bit of a groupie at heart and a lot of the pieces from Stone_Cold_Fox remind me of the groupies from the late sixties and early seventies. Who / where do you look to for inspiration? 
We definitely find inspiration in vintage clothes and the 60's and 70's. The girls were so cute and stylish back then, and in all the old photos we find ourselves wanting their threads! We get a lot of inspiration from clothes we want to wear, details in fabric textures, laces, and clothes that are feminine and unique. We always think of comfort as well and like to show off certain parts of women's bodies.

What decade would you most want to live in? 

What are your style must-haves from Stone_Cold_Fox? 
Must have a pair of floral bells, the Guerilla crop, Drifter blouse, the New Love jumper and the Virgin dress are our favorites. Oh and the Holy tube is one of the best.

What's a normal day like at SCF? 
Usually pretty hectic and busy. We either come to our office and answer emails, cut out orders, have fittings, work with our production team, meetings etc. or we work in LA with our production team up there and fabric shop and meet with stores. Every day is different!

What is your style philosophy? 
Always wears something you won't regret in a few years, look sexy but not too sexy, try not to be trendy, and be comfortable and confident in whatever you have on.

Where do you wish for SCF to be in the future? Any grand ambitions for the brand? 
We would love to be in more stores outside of California, more in New York and internationally, we would love to expand our home and accessory line, do more collaborations, be in Barneys one day and have a fashion show.


Estere said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love SCF clothing. Ugh. I wish I could buy it all. The interview was very interesting to read, by the way. :)

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OOh I love SCF!!

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looooove them! this interview is amazing, good job! Stop Whispering

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