Sunday, December 16, 2012

for some moments in life, there are no words

Sometimes the simplest words can compose the truest of sentiments. In this case, the wisdom comes from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, when Wonka tells Mrs. Teavee that "for some moments in life, there are no words." We -- as more than a community, a nation, a race as a whole -- cannot begin to fathom the devastating events that have occurred in Connecticut this week. Our language is not capable of articulating the horror, loss and grief, so I will not pretend like there is something I know to say.
I am not writing to express my political opinions or to point blame or to offer my idea of a plan for the future. What is needed now more than ever is for all of us to come together in solidarity and give any and everything we can to those who need all that we can offer. I urge all of you to please visit the Sandy Hook School Support Fund to donate anything that you can afford for the victims of this tragedy, and to also visit for other ways to help the Newtown community.
I am aware that an idiotic little style blog is not the best forum to address something so serious, but there is little else that I know how to do. There is far less that I know to say. I will let these four men far wiser than myself share a message of theirs that we would all benefit from keeping close to our hearts: all you need is love.

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