Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"there's no face that can't be drawn like the face of a dream"

I watched La Chinoise last night for the first time in what feels like forever. I will admit that it's not my favorite Godard film, BUT my cinema crush Jean-Pierre Léaud stars in it so of course I am a fan. There are a lot of elements in this film that I really appreciate I like to think of it as the necessary link between Godard's work of the early 60s, films that revolved around youth, love and entertainment and consumer culture in France (in works such as À bout de souffle and Masculin Féminin) and his increasingly politicized fascinations in his work (like in the film Week End). La Chinoise is obvious in its political nature, leaning more toward social commentary than any traditional narrative. I appreciated Godard's over-stylized sets and tight framing of the mise-en-scène, his use of bright primary colors and the way that the actors interacted with one another rigidly but fascinatingly. This film belongs in the camp of Made in USA and 2 or 3 Things That I Know About Her. Really a phenomenal film -- it's one that is more difficult to watch than some other French New Wave films, but each time you view it it's a whole new experience.