Friday, March 29, 2013

Shop It to Me: Courtney Love Grunge

I'll say it now -- I love Courtney Love. I think her grunge chic style from the 1990s is beyond fantastic and I actually seek to emulate it on many occasions. Courtney's look belongs to a specific subsection of grunge called 'kinderwhore' -- a mix of signature grunge elements like chunky boots, layers and unkempt hair with girlish dresses, bows and barrettes and other feminine accessories. I visited tReds to find some grunge-y goodies for my wardrobe:
No Courtney-inspired look would be possible without a girly dress to rock out in. The skater dress is one of the most universally flattering styles that exists, in my opinion, and I love the sleeveless action for the spring. I would layer it with a drape-y, slouchy sweater for that perfect grunge vibe -- the loose knit of this style is a chicer version of the hole-y look that Courtney and her hubby Kurt Cobain used to have in their sweaters. A cool crossbody bag is an essential for carrying concert tickets, extra hair bows and other grunge-gal essentials. Top (err...bottom) it off with the it-shoe of the entire grunge movement: Dr. Martens, but chose a style that is appropriately girly like this acid pink version. Add some vampy lipstick and muss up your hair, and you've got that Courtney Love look!