Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cinemaspiration: When Harry Met Sally...

I've been thinking a lot about Billy Crystal lately. I'm not really sure why (other than that he's Billy Crystal and amazing and there doesn't need to be a reason for it), but in the past few weeks I have listened to his Nerdist podcast three times, read his memoir and watched a handful of his films pretty much on loop. (My Thanksgiving holiday consisted of watching The Princess Bride approximately eleven times.) 
I watched When Harry Met Sally… while in the airport waiting to take a flight to see my family for Thanksgiving, and it was such a funny experience. Multiple women (and one brave teenage boy) came up to me to tell me how much they loved the movie. Honestly, after the third time I was tempted to tell them I too loved the movie hence why I wanted to watch it UNINTERRUPTED, but I didn’t. (Manners!)
I’ve never had that experience where strangers feel compelled to tell me they are as into something as I am, especially in New York where in my experience people think you’re unhinged if you dare smile at them on the subway, but I guess that speaks to the how beloved the film is. It’s not really a secret that When Harry Met Sally… is a super well-loved film, but I had never witnessed the cultural obsession surrounding the film beyond the realms of IMDB. I guess that would be because the film is a rare romantic comedy, in that it is actually both romantic and genuinely funny. Not only that, but the debate over ‘can men and women ever really be friends?’ still continues today.
But since I am supremely superficial, when I watch this film I think less about the nature of male-female relationships as I do about how cute Meg Ryan is and how much I wish I could find a t-shirt that says ‘Don’t Fuck With Mr. Zero.’
About halfway through the film, the duo spend the day walking through parks and galleries talking about everything from sexual fantasies to being proud to partake in pecan pie. Harry and Sally are close friends at this point (though, interestingly, in his Nerdist podcast, Billy said that the bit where they talk in funny accents was supposed to show Harry falling for Sally already and developing a funny voice in order to make her laugh. I don’t know, I thought that was really interesting and cool), and Sally tells him that she has a date that night. Harry implies that she shouldn’t wear that outfit on her date and that she should wear a skirt – a comment I suppose meant to imply to the viewer that they’re starting to be interested in each other, but made me go ‘SHUT UP HARRY!’ Not only because Sally is a LADY who can wear whatever she wants, but her outfit is really awesome. A patterned wool sweater, high-waisted trousers, an awesome hat and a snazzy blazer with shoulder-pads? Yes please! I would wear that outfit everyday.


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Aw, Meg Ryan is so cute! I forgot how cute she was!

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Hi Anon! Meg is such a delight, especially in this movie! And I love how involved she was in the making of this film (she was the one who not only thought of the famous orgasm moment, but suggested it be in a restaurant as well!) -- kinda incredible, right? She's the perfect rom com heroine

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Such a great movie! I can watch it over and over again, it never gets old. And that legendary scene in the restaurant - I love it! Thank you for bringing up the memories, I think I am going to re-watch it right away :)

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