Friday, December 20, 2013

DRG Holiday Wish List

Can anyone believe how fast this past year has gone by? It's astounding to me that in less than two weeks 2013 will be over. December is always a massive blur to me -- as a December baby (and a child of two Sags as well), the month is a nonstop train of birthday wishes and holiday parties. But still, what a wonderful, wonderful time of year! Though many people dread the process of finding gifts for people -- and yes, I do agree it is an oftentimes impossible task to find the perfect thing for someone! -- I love the hunt. Giving someone something that is so fantastically bizarre or genuinely on-point to their personality is seriously the BEST THING! As much as I adore giving serious gifts, I love having someone unwrap a gift and being completely bewildered by its seeming randomness. (Quite honestly, everything I buy people is rooted in something we've either discussed in depth or in passing -- it's never entirely random!) 
During the holiday shopping process to find perfect gifts for everyone I know, I inevitably ending up mentally shopping for myself in equal measure. I've compiled a list of goodies that I wouldn't mind Santa (or anyone else, wink wink!) putting under the tree this year. Here are my top ten obsessions (clockwise from the top left):
What can I say about Groupie Couture? I am so, SO fond of Miss Pamela's line! I've ordered from it several times and I am always struck by the love and care that so obviously goes into every aspect of the GC experience: the design, the packaging, the lovely little notes that come attached! I have two of the beaded necklaces and I swear that some groupie magic is in these beads because I always have the most magical musical luck when I wear them. This boa is the most fantastically fun addition that I NEED for my wardrobe. 
I am so jealous of the girls who model for the site -- tell me, what can I do to become a GC doll?! 

No offense to the other Zodiac signs, but I am oh so glad to be a Sagittarius -- as Keith Richards rightly put it, we're half-man, half-horse, with a license to shit in the streets. But even just from a visual standpoint, Sags are pretty awesome. The Wild Unknown always offers the MOST beautiful designs (I have their tarot deck and each card is a work of art), and I inevitably want every single thing they come out with. Seriously, I scroll through their Instagram page daily for design inspiration and I can already envisioned this Zodiac work framed in my apartment. 

This Etsy design duo has been on my radar for quite a while -- their handmade velvet bell bottoms are the best I've seen by any designer, period. Unlike other takes on the design, they don't skimp on the bell part of the bottom, making each step look assuredly dramatic and dreamily 70s. My new mission is to accumulate every single piece on their site, but of course I want to start with every variation on their incredible Hells Bells!

4. Pamela Love Pentagram Ring and Serpent Ring
I can never get enough of Pamela Love's fabulous designs -- they're so layered in different cultural traditions and histories, they transcend the realm of fashionable accessories and become works of art (and in that regard, I am VERY HAPPILY a museum to PL's art). Both rings are intricately detailed and packed with meaning. Of the Pentagram ring, Love's site explains, "the circle symbolizes eternity, the cycles of life and nature. The circle touching all 5 points indicates that the spirit, earth, air, water and fire are all connected." How lovely! And I have a bit of a collection of snake jewelry that I've accumulated over the years, so I need to add this rattlesnake piece pronto. 

Obviously, this bag -- which retails for over one thousand dollars -- is a MAJOR wishlist item, but if Santa feels particularly generous, I certainly wouldn't object. The bullet bag has long been my favorite shape for its versatility (it can be worn as a crossbody purse, an oversized wristlet or backpack!), and I love the Egyptian symbology that adorns the base of this braided leather bag. 

My reading list is a neverending queue of books that I can never hope to accomplish in my lifetime, but currently at the top of that list is this splendid new release from Taschen. The book details the legendary relationship of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, a duo notorious the world over and legendary in the decades since they parted ways. Though photographers detailed every aspect of their relationship, it was rarely as intimate as this. Jane's brother Andrew photographed the couple in private times, capturing moments when they were a loving family in addition to musical hellraisers and artists. A really astounding portrait of two people we thought we knew everything about. 

When I look at this dress, I envision myself spinning in circles, Stevie Nicks style! The mix of tassels, lace and all other goodness is a hippie dream. 

I've been eyeing this for quite a while and this weekend I finally bought it for myself as a little birthday present. The scent is incredible -- composed of incense, Turkish rose and pencil shavings. I wouldn't mind receiving a few for Christmas and stocking up on what I'm sure will be my new signature scent!

Ever since doing a post on Karen Umphrey and including her note about her "super spacey" look on the cover of Star Magazine, I've been wanting to have something super shiny and metallic all my own! I love this because it can be worn as a daring maxi skirt with a slit up the side, or worn with a slip underneath and belted as a strapless dress. Something versatile and positively va-va-voom? Yes please!

Child of Wild is a recent discovery of mine -- and everything on their site is perfection! Sourced from all over the world, the site offers the MOST incredible selection of jewelry, headpieces and home goods such as wooden boxes, jewel-encrusted skulls and this colorful cotton blanket. For the past few months, I've been decorating my first real adult apartment and been on the lookout for incredible things to decorate it with. This blanket will be the perfect addition!

These are my top holiday wishes -- so if Santa is out there, please put these under my tree this December 25th! What is on the top of your holiday wish list? 


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Such a great list! I luv that skirt! I've never ordered from Groupie Couture before - have you ordered their clothes? Much LUV

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