Thursday, January 9, 2014

i got a woman, stay drunk all the time

In honor of my unwavering LUV (in the full Shangri-Las sense of the word) for Led Zeppelin, I wanted to put up a tribute for Jimmy Page on his birthday about the great love affair of his life. No, it wasn't Miss Pamela or Lori Lightning. It wasn't even a girl at all. It was -- plot twist! -- Jack Daniels.

I have an intense love for photos of rock stars drinking copious amounts of booze. Yeah, sure, there's a level of badassery to them -- evidence of the hard-partying world of rock'n'roll that I can't help but dream at night about joining. But frankly I just love seeing famous people shitfaced. In the name of SERIOUS JOURNALISM I took the liberty of scouring through the internet to find photos of Jimmy Page living out Ke$ha lyrics with his bottle of Jack. Of the famous image of Jimmy with his head back chugging from the bottle, Neal Preston (the lucky photographer who captured the image in 1975, top row center of the above collage) said: "The bottle stayed up in the air for what seemed like eternity. Normally I would have shot a whole motor-drive sequence of photos, but I only took one frame. I guess that photo says a lot."

Title: "Hey Hey What Can I Do" (Led Zeppelin)