These are some of the most common questions I get asked about myself and Dolly Rocker Girl. If you have a question, shoot me an email and I will respond pronto!

What is a Dolly Rocker Girl? 
A Dolly Rocker Girl is any girl who was born decades too late, from flappers to flower children. She is sweet and lovely, always looking at the world through rose-colored glasses (which she may, in fact, wear from time to time). A Dolly Rocker Girl changes her mind at least a dozen times a day - she may wake up feeling girlish like Marie Antoinette, but then want to be a screwball heroine like Katharine Hepburn by lunch and then maybe a boho-luxe Talitha Getty in the afternoon, and when she goes out at night she will certainly want to channel Debbie Harry. She's a mass of inconsistencies in the best possible sense.

What do you do? 
In addition to writing, I am a student, occasional filmmaker & photographer and all things obsessor. You can read more about me here.

Why did you start this blog? 
Honestly, because I wanted to be like these women that I admire. I was very bored during one winter vacation in high school and started google-ing everything I could about how to be like the girlfriends of the Beatles (Jane Asher, Pattie Boyd and co.) and found that there wasn't a lot available out there, at least not to the obsessive degree that I was looking for. So I compiled a master guide on how to be like Pattie Boyd (available here) more for myself than for anyone else, and then I just got hooked.

Why don't you do more personal style posts? 
I don't have a tripod anymore and I am too shy to make any of my friends take photographs of me (I would never be able to face them after breaking out my Blue Steel in their company).

Advertising Inquiries: 
What options do you offer on Dolly Rocker Girl? 
Advertisements are available in the following forms: sidebar ads, sponsored posts, reviews and personal style photos. Other modes of advertisement, such as video reviews, are available upon discussion. For more information, such as advertising guidelines and prices, please contact me.

What is your standard ad size? 
Standard ad size is 178 pix x 108 pix (w x h), but an ad with an increased height dimension is possible upon request.