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Winner: "Best Voice, Fashion" Award 
from Lucky Magazine's Fashion and Beauty Blogging Awards, 
September 2011

Lucky Magazine (February 2011)

Bebe Buell's twitter (May 2011)
Glamoretta (July 2011)
Allie is Wired (September 2011) 
The Daily Muse (September 2011)
Lucky Style Collective (July 2012)
Kind Words: 
"I'm also obsessed with Dolly Rocker Girl, it is this girl who has a genuine love of old style icons. She has the most incredible photos and creates this visual smorgasbord of style inspiration."
- Jen Ford, Fashion News Director at Lucky Magazine to

"Speaking of things I should have known about ages ago, go visit Dolly Rocker Girl, my new favorite blog read. (Thanks for the intro, Lucky mag!" 

"This is honestly one of my favorite blogs to read when I come to the computer. The author is smart, fashionable, and truly lovely. The principal of the Dolly Rocker Girl is the vintage, English word 'dolly' (a term for a pretty young woman) and rock and roll (kind of a must...). She shares all of her favorite links, trends, photographs, and people. It has a really practical application, and I really just think she's brilliant. 'She' is Alexis ('born in D.C., attending school in New York...born 40 years too late'). SHE is awesome, and someone I would be friends with in real life. The Who is Alexis, and Dolly Rocker Girls everywhere." 

"Stumbling on the Dolly Rocker Girl blog is a lot like getting lost and discovering one of the best second hand shops around. Filled with vintage photos of film stars and musicians, this blog offers style tips from every decade straight from the sources. Learn the story behind vintage-inspired jewelry and retro trends." 
- Aurora LaJambre,

"You must know her blog since it's kind of REALLY amazing, ya know." 
- Stephanie, Women of the Beatles

"great blog, I love all your posts!" 

"lovely and inspiring"
- Kirby, Lost Muse

"I was inspired to start a blog after I stumbled across a fantastic!!! blog called Dolly Rocker Girl by beautiful Alexis. Before I even thought of doing a post I worshipped DRG and I still do!"
- Summer B, Summer Baby

"If you aren't following her blog already, make sure to go check it out NOW! Nothing but pure unadulterated retro amazingness over there."
- Kaitlyn, Born Late

"[The] blog is absolutely AMAZING - and you must check it out for yourself!"
- Jackie, Empire State of Mine